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Insights #5: The Importance of Supplements

Supplements play a crucial role in the pursuit of wellbeing by providing targeted nutritional support. They address specific needs, ensuring your body has the essential building blocks for peak performance. It's science-backed assistance for a balanced and thriving lifestyle. 

Anatome tackles a few of them:

First, our sleep formulation. The a blend of Chamomile, Hops, Bacopa monnieri, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and Zinc. No more tiredness, no more fatigue.


Meet MenoSupport + Botanical Complex - our secret weapon against menopausal chaos. Imagine ditching night sweats, mood swings, and stress—thanks to our superhero lineup: Vitamin Bs, CoQ10, Soy Isoflavones, and Dong Quai. 

Daily Probiotic + Gut Support. Gut health is your wellness command centre, tackling digestive discomfort, IBS, and flu seasons. This formulation is a blend of good bacteria helping regulate your digestive functions - and everything it controls.

anatomē's Women's Libido + Stress Support—balances hormones, reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) with a dash of Ashwagandha magic.

And men? Created by our nutritionists to support active men, this comprehensive complex of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals guarantees all the essential nutrients for the body to achieve optimum health alongside a healthy, balanced diet.

You can subscribe to your favourite supplements and keep a steady supply and sustainable approach.

Your first order comes in a glass jar. Future ones? In chic, sustainable refill pouches.

GMO-free, vegan-friendly, FDA certified.

Written by:
Gabriel Weil

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