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    Immunity + Gut Health Supplements

    Immunity + Gut Health Supplements

    A range of natural supplements to support key foundation of daily wellbeing, replenishing the gut and strengthening and supporting the immune system.

    Gut bacteria play an important role in human health, such as supplying essential nutrients, synthesizing vitamin K, aiding in the digestion of cellulose, and promoting angiogenesis and enteric nerve function. Even with a healthy diet, most people still show deficiencies in key necessary bacteria.

    Our supplements incorporate strains of beneficial bacteria replenish the gut day by day, strengthening the immune system to fight viruses and bacterial infections. Scientific studies have shown these bacteria support food digestion, reduce traveler’s upset stomach and replenish gut microbiota after antibiotic use or illness.

    Probiotics can also help strengthen our gut health by balancing the microbes in the lower intestinal tract. These positive microbes are key in replenishing healthy bacteria, strengthening the immune system and reducing gastrointestinal issues.

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