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Sunday Edition #73: Sarah Hyde

Discover the story of Sarah Hyde: a woman walking between the fast-paced reality of public relations and the focus on wellbeing and balance.

Sarah Hyde exudes boundless energy from the moment you meet her. She’s a force of nature, propelling conversations with effortless enthusiasm. As the sole founder and managing director of House of Hyde, a PR agency focusing on “brands with purpose,” she orchestrates events, connects people, and tackles emails with the precision of a seasoned conductor.

We met with Sarah at Home House, a private members’ club steeped in history. A property established by James Wyatt in the 18th century as a haven of leisure for George III, Home House spans three Georgian townhouses on Portman Square, offering curated amenities to an eclectic pool of free-spirited Londoners. Unsurprisingly, Home House is one of Sarah’s esteemed clients, reflecting her commitment to purposeful endeavours.

“This place has so many stories to tell,” she starts.

“We celebrated 25 years last year. And you wouldn’t imagine what has happened in these rooms before and during this time,” she adds.

But Home House stories will be for another time. We’re here to learn more about how Sarah, a quintessential London girl who loves the nightlife, discovered wellbeing and struck a balance between hedonism, ambition, and a slower pace (or a deep breath).

I was a party girl. I started my career at Mahiki, organising parties and inviting my friends. I met so many interesting people!

Although this nightlife enthusiast’s knack for throwing a soirée has only evolved and become more structured and sophisticated, she celebrates personal and professional maturity. In this new phase, her mind, projects, and wellbeing initiatives are more focused, selective, and optimistic than ever.

Her efficiency knows no bounds, seamlessly juggling tasks while sipping her milky coffee, only pausing momentarily to catch her breath with a glass of water.

Paradoxically, it was in ‘catching her breath’ that high-voltage Sarah found solace. She’s become a holistic healer and transformational coach—a serene counterbalance to the manic pace of her PR day job. For the past three years, she has embraced this side hustle as the perfect antidote to the whirlwind of her professional life. She offers coaching, breathwork, meditation, and energy work to anyone seeking to connect with their wellbeing.

Sarah Hyde

Sarah’s Wellbeing Approach

I have a tagline:

Heal and Transform your life.

“I’m all about healing and becoming your most authentic liberated self”, she adds.

 Sarah’s wellbeing journey goes back to her twenties. It wasn’t a life revelation or a prophetic moment, but, as seen in the lives of many advocates for better living, it resulted from a health challenge in urgent need of tackling.

“In my late teens, I began experiencing digestive issues,” Sarah shares. “After years of being prescribed medication, I realised there had to be another way. So, I started exploring holistic health. Training as a holistic health coach in my late 20s was a personal mission to heal my gut problems.”

At the time, Sarah juggled this discovery of holistic health with working towards making a name for herself in London’s nightlife, organising parties for some of the city’s hottest clubs, and subsequently employing her talent and skills to a job in Dubai.

Her health challenge also led to the discovery of other routes to wellbeing. While she admits the daily life of a professional in her field can be filled with challenges, people management, and stressful moments, awareness and a measured distance from these problems help keep her priorities in check. 

This authenticity has also helped Sarah in her day job. She talks about how we mature, become more aware of our boundaries, and then life seems to fall into place more easily. “I work with people I enjoy working with. And I am not afraid to stop something that doesn’t feel right”, she says with determination and her signature sense of purpose.

Still articulating her preference for an authentic way of living, Sarah believes in an easy-does-it approach to wellbeing, choosing flexibility and guiltless hedonism with a dose of balance as a way to a better life—no judgment or health bullying for her.

“Life is all about balance,” she emphasises.

If you enjoy meals and drinks with friends, why would you stop doing this? It’s about being in tune with yourself and doing what makes you happy.

While she avoids patronising her followers and pupils with promises or too much advice, Sarah is sure about the personal approach to feeling better.

“Wellness is about feeling good within ourselves,” Sarah advises.

It’s not one-size-fits-all, but the desire to feel good is universal.

Find out more about Sarah and her work:

Her Instagram - @iamsarahhyde

Written by:
Gabriel Weil

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