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Sunday Edition #72: Sleep Better, According to Brendan


Sunday Edition #72: Sleep Better, According to Brendan

According to Brendan, our habits are crucial if we're looking to improve our sleep. He believes consistency, order, and focus are key - combined with anatomē formulations and practices.

Here, he shares a few faux-pas when it comes to sleep hygiene. We bet you're guilty of at least one of them.


  • Pre-Bedroom Workouts
  • Post-work gym-goer? Exercising too close to bedtime can elevate adrenaline levels, making it difficult to wind down. It will also delay your meal, which won't help your sleep either.

    Solution: Aim for workouts earlier in the day to allow for proper relaxation before bedtime.

  • Late-Night Light Exposure
  • Your series-bingeing may be affecting your sleep. Exposure to artificial light, especially from screens, can disrupt the body's natural sleep-wake cycle by suppressing melatonin production. 

    Solution: Limit screen time at least an hour before bed and use blue light filters if necessary. If this means not watching your show immediately, you may struggle with spoilers in the office the following morning.

  • Evening Alcohol Consumption
  • Slept better during dry January? Here's why: while alcohol may initially induce drowsiness, it can disrupt sleep patterns and lead to fragmented sleep later in the night. 


    No, it's not "drink in the morning". Limit alcohol consumption in the hours leading up to bedtime and opt for non-alcoholic beverages instead.

  • Caffeine Afternoon Pick-Me-Ups
  • We know the exhausting feeling of sitting in front of a spreadsheet past 3 pm. Although coffee or tea may present not only a solution to the sluggishness but also a little "brewing" excuse for a pastime for the slowest hours of the day, consuming caffeine later in the day can interfere with sleep by stimulating the nervous system and delaying sleep onset. 

    Solution: Limit caffeine intake to morning and early afternoons to avoid disrupting sleep.

  • Bedroom Clutter

    Trust me, this is coming from a clutterer. Not-too-dirty-but-not-clean-either outfits belong on our bed-ends, our desks or our chairs. And, no, we won't wear them again for at least a couple of weeks, when we won't be able to find them. Medication, face creams, books, gym gear, chocolate wrap... you name it!

    A cluttered bedroom environment can create a sense of stress and anxiety, making it difficult to relax and fall asleep. 

    Solution: Keep the bedroom clean and clutter-free to promote a calming atmosphere conducive to sleep. Don't know how? Throw everything in the wash and deal with the "later". Quit being a clutterer: become a procrastinator.

    Give your body all the signs it's sleep time with a pleasant bedtime practice. Create your rituals with our sleep formulations.


    Written by:
    Emeric Fakambi

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