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Sunday Edition #42: Steph Cabrera

A few weeks ago, we hosted a workshop with the breathing and movement coach Steph Cabrera, who highlighted the benefits of breathwork practice. Today she gives us an insight into the journey that led her to teach this practice, and how she stays balanced and mindful.

You teach a concept of embodied living, what exactly does this entail? 

Living an embodied life refers to being aware of our total mind/body/spirit connection and doing things daily to nurture it. Embodiment means becoming whole.

To feel fully alive and in alignment, we must be in communication with our entire body, not just our mind.  

Tell us about the journey that led you to teach this practice? 

A deep strong desire to face my shadows, and my fears and become aware of the parts of me that needed attention. In 2019 I discovered breathwork and it changed my life!  I experienced a complete transformation of mind, body and spirit which led me to create Embodied Living. A method that combines mindful movement, breathwork and plant medicine. 

You recently ran a breath with scent workshop at our Chiltern Street workspace, tell us how you incorporate scent into your own practice? 

It is the very first step of my morning breathwork practice. I start with a few drops of my favorite blend – Expression + Confidence to enhance my breathing and support mindfulness. I also use it before I teach my breathwork sessions, on the front and back of my neck to enable effective communication and fluidity.   

You put great emphasise on living a mindful, and balanced life. What does this mean to you?  

You cannot achieve life balance without mindfulness. Mindfulness involves being in the moment mentally as well as physically.

Living a mindful and balanced life is about caring for every aspect of your life, considering physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. 

Go to practice or activity when you are in need of some self-care? 

A moment of stillness and interoception (internal state of the body/sensing signals from the body).  I also like to light up my favourite scented candle (Strength + Energy), play music and practice slow nourishing movements that allow me to listen to my body’s needs.  

You are a great supporter of anatomē, what are your favourite products? 

As I mentioned before my number one is the essential oil blend Expression + Confidence.

Face Cleanser Balm – I LOVE IT!  Not only removes my makeup easily but it's so nourishing, my skin absorbs it very quickly, leaving it hydrated and soft.   

Where can we find your teaching regular classes? 

You can find me teaching on Mondays and Thursdays at the beautiful Re:Mind Studio located at 25A Eccleston Pl.  

Any tips for starting our journey to embodied living? 

Through the daily practice of conscious embodiment activities, like breathwork that helps cleanse the mind and raise our vibration. Start with incorporating 10 –15 mins of breahtwork practice every morning before you check your phone or emails.  

Set an alarm for 10 or 15 mins

  • Begin with a sigh of relief: Inhale deep and slow through the nose, exhale with a sigh, and repeat three times.   

  • Follow with box breathing: Inhale for a count of 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4 and hold again for 4. Repeat until your alarm goes off.  

Discover some of her breathing practices on her instagram

Written by:
Emeric Fakambi

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