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Botanical Formulations For Hormonal Balance | anatomē

Hormonal Balance Formulations | Mood Control

Control your mood.

We have a whole collection dedicated to the pursuit of balance. With Black Spruce, which is a terpene-rich oil that have been proven to help reduce cortisol levels, and Feverfew, which helps to maintain your hormonal health, we've got everything you need to rediscover balance. 

This is why our Hormone Balance Collection was born

To give you a holistic, well-rounded solution to balancing your hormones so that you can feel like yourself, and keep your body and mind functioning properly.

If you are feeling restless, anxious, and imbalanced, you may need to address your hormones and increase stability within yourself and your body.

We specifically chose science-based ingredients with a high concentration of botanical extracts for their hormone balancing properties.

We want to help you elevate how you feel, and maintain your hormonal health and balance using natural ingredients and formulations designed by our experts.

We use a mixture of essential oils and ingredients including Black Spruce, Scots Pine, Sandalwood, and John's Wort to help to transport your mind to a calming environment, and put your thoughts at ease by making you feel calmer.

Our Hormone Balance Collection formulations all have a grounding scent, helping you to connect with yourself and unwind.

Our Hormone Balance collection includes an Essential Oil For Hormonal Balance Blend, a Diffuser Oil Blend, a Loose Tea Blend, Bath Salts, and our Balance + Stability Candle. All provide you with a range of hormone balancing benefits to promote harmony within the body.

We also have our Women's Daily Wellbeing + Hormonal Support Supplement, a complex blend of vitamins, minerals and botanicals to help boost energy levels, balance hormones, and support a healthy immune system.

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