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The perfect bathing ritual

Discover how anatomē can help make your bath the best part of your week

Bathing is a key ritual to bring into your week, it can help you sleep, can reduce the risk of a heart attack, help to lower your blood pressure, and even help your body to control your blood sugar.

Not to mention the benefits it has on your skin. Bathing in a salt solution significantly improves skin barrier function, hydration and elasticity.

We have created a collection of products to reduce blotching, inflammation and support the overall health of the skin. They are blended using the highest quality organic ingredients. Each bath product is packed with supercharged essential oils that will improve the vitality, tone and health of your skin.


Recovery + Sleep Candle

Set the mood in the bathroom with this luxurious candle scented with English Lavender, Somali Frankincense, Myrrh, Scots Pine and Sandalwood to support physical relaxation and unwinding. 

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Detox Brush

Use this brush with flexible nodules on this brush while the bath is filling up to massage the skin. Massaging the skin can stimulate oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow and encouraging the lymphatic system to remove toxins, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite, making the skin appear firmer and more toned.

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Muscle Ease + Skin Restoring Bath Salts

Soak with this blend of natural salts to soothe stressed out skin and decompress the body.  The ultimate recovery ritual for promoting better well being after a stressful day or an intense workout. 

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Invigorating Body Wash

Wash with this blend of carefully chosen essential oils help to preserve the skin’s natural moisture balance. Rosemary and tea tree have natural skin cleansing properties without stripping the skin of its natural oils, whilst peppermint is naturally antiseptic and antimicrobial. 

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