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Eucalyptus oil, prized for its fresh and soothing aroma, is a medicinal staple, thanks to its benefits to the respiratory system and its natural anti-inflammatory properties. Originating in Australia, the eucalyptus plant has been used for centuries by the Australian aborigines as a medicine and breathing aid.

At anatomē, we use Eucalyptus oil in our essential oil blends and within our Support + Protection range, thanks to its excellent protective properties.

When breathed in, eucalyptus oil can help to clear the airways, loosen mucus in the chest, and relieve coughing, making it a perfect addition to our Support + Protection Essential Oil Blend. When used topically, it also helps to purify your personal space and repel insects.

Its respiratory benefits also make eucalyptus oil a perfect ingredient for our Focus + Concentration Essential Oil Blend, as its airway clearing properties allow for more oxygen to reach the brain, helping to stimulate thought and aid cognitive processes.

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Anatome App

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