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English Peppermint

A hybrid between two different species of mint (water mint and spearmint), peppermint is natural to Europe and the middle east, though now is found across the world. Apart from its distinctive, fresh, and invigorating scent, peppermint oil has been used for its benefits to the skin, digestive system, relief of muscle pain, and antimicrobial properties.

At anatomē, we use English peppermint oil in many of our products thanks to its versatility as a support for health and wellbeing. In our sleep oils, peppermint oil plays an essential role due to its proven benefits to reducing heart rate, improving breathing, and sedative properties.

Topical application of peppermint oil helps to relax muscles, which makes it an ideal ingredient for our massage oil and bath salts.

English peppermint also boasts antimicrobial properties, supporting the effectiveness of our support + protect range of products, including our hand cleanser spray, which work to strengthen the immune system and protect from harmful viruses and bacteria.

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Anatome App

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