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Roman Chamomile

Native to hotter regions of Italy, Roman Chamomile is reputed to have calming properties, and has been a home-remedy mainstay for centuries to help with promoting a good night’s sleep. Not to be confused with German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile’s aroma (boasting a fresh, apple-like scent) and chemical make-up differs. While both have excellent calming properties, Roman Chamomile is used for skin and sleep, as well as being effective at soothing irritability, rage, and mood swings, plus muscle, headache, and arthritis relief.  

At anatomē, we use Roman Chamomile in many of our sleep oil blends, thanks to its study-proven benefits to supporting restful sleep. Its light sedative properties make it ideal for our sleep oil for insomnia, and its time-proven benefits to treating nervous problems, headaches, and irritability make it the perfect botanical for inclusion in our sleep essential oil blend for overactive minds.

Roman Chamomile for skin is antioxidant rich and helps lower the frequency of breakouts, which is why it plays a major role in our Revitalising + Hydrating Facial Toner Mist, helping to calm the skin, and support a healthy body and mind.

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Anatome App

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