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Sunday Edition #25: Exhibition Highlights

As the cold sets in and we start to find refuge indoors, we delight in the many cultural events happening in London, conveniently, and cozily, undercover. Although London Design Festival is at a close today, there are still many beautiful exhibitions to see and enjoy in the mother city. Our selection this week is a reflection of current social issues and debates, with thought-provoking works that touch on the environment, immigration and internet culture. 

Nokukhanya Langa, Saatchi Yates

Nokukhanya Langa presents a discerning, and disruptive painting style to capture the conditions of the internet age. Intricate yet relatable, questions arise regarding the value of image, the loss thereof and its ultimate replacements, and duplications. Described as a visual manifestation of ‘a laptop that has a lot of tabs open,’ Langa submerses the viewer in a world they know all too well, yet still feels strangely new. 

Address: Saatchi Yates, 6 Cork Street, Mayfair, London W1S 3NX


Dates: Wednesday 14 September – Tuesday 15 November 2022

Cut From the Same Cloth, Ed Cross. 

 Nigerian-born artist Wole Lagunju stuns with his new, large-scale figurative works. A playful juxtaposition of western celebrity and Nigerian tradition, Lagunju cleverly diversifies the visual understanding and language of the viewer by presenting masked-motifs and selective symbolism. Of particular interest to those with an admiration for Kehinde Wiley, yet desire for a rawer, rougher finish. 

Address: Ed Cross, 19 Garrett Street, EC17 0TY


Dates: Until Wednesday 28 September

Times New Roadman, Browns East Gallery. 

 The infamous Times New Roadman unveils a new body of work, as well as his true identity. Niall Gallagher has thirty, flirty and thriving works ready to woo you with witty, tongue-in-cheek statements. Self-described as ‘visual marmite,’ Gallagher offers the same relief as internet memes, yet with the intelligence of political undertones and opinions. 

Address: Browns East, 21 Club Row, London E2 7EY


Dates: Until Saturday 31st December 2022

What is Seen and What is Not, V&A Museum. 

British-Pakistani artist Osman Yousefzada presents three, site-specific installation works at the V&A. The site-specific nature of these works act as a powerful metaphor for the themes explored; displacement, movement, migration and the impact of climate change. A timely presentation that coincides with the 75th anniversary of Pakistan, it provides moments of contemplation and reflection on a deeply complex, yet beautiful, heritage. Today is your last chance to view these works, and is recommended viewing for anyone who has closely followed the latest Hijab controversy. 

Address: Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL


Date: 25 September 2022

Coming Up 

Cecilia Vicuña, Hyundai Commission, Tate Modern. 

Chilean artist Cecilia Vicuña has been chosen to take over Tate Modern's Turbine Hall for the 2022 edition of the Hyundai Commission. What to expect: Environmental and Feminist focus, use of mixed-media, debris knotted-coloured strings and sculptural pieces. 

Address: Tate Modern, Bankside, London SE1 9TG


Dates: October 2022-April 2023

Written by:
Katelijne Kotze

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