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Morning rituals to start your day off right

The way you wake up can set you up for the rest of your day, so it’s important to make sure you do it right. For many of us, waking up can be a struggle and often results in laying in bed on your phone before even considering making breakfast or brushing your teeth. Here, we’ll explore a few tips and tricks that not only make early mornings a little bit easier but even make them enjoyable and refreshing. 

Wake up naturally

The sound of your alarm is something no one wants to hear, but it’s even more jarring when it pulls you abruptly out of restful sleep. Lumie Wake-up Lights are one of our favourite ways to wake up a little more peacefully, simulating a sunrise that gradually brightens your space and gently stirs you, ready to start your day feeling rejuvenated.

Stay off the tech

According to Google design ethicist Tristan Harris, checking your phone when you first wake up can have serious consequences for your mood, energy and creativity throughout the day. He concludes that scrolling through your notifications first thing can be stressful and distracting, putting a damper on your productivity throughout the rest of your day. While it’s tempting to pick up your phone and see everything you feel like you’ve missed, maybe reach for a book instead, or brew a nice cup of tea to jumpstart your day a little more efficiently. 


Cleansing + Selfcare

A solid cleansing and beauty routine is another great way to start your morning off right. Taking a moment to care for yourself and your health is essential, giving you the energy and confidence to tackle the rest of your day. Hot showers in the morning are shown to improve circulation, ease your muscles and decrease stress levels. Try incorporating our range of sustainable soap bars and other shower and skincare products to provide you with an extra boost. 

  1. Start with our organic face cleanser balm to remove any traces of dirt or makeup from the day before. Massage the product into damp skin, leave for a moment and then wipe off with a warm, wet cloth. 
  2. After cleansing the skin, use our purifying, brightening or nourishing soap bar to address your body’s needs and give you that all-over clean feeling. 
  3. Next, try our Rejuvenating Himalayan Body Scrub to eliminate any roughness and leave your skin smooth and supple.
  4. Finish off your cleansing routine with our Energy + Strength essential oil. Dab the product onto your pressure points and reap the benefits all day long. 


If you have a little trouble feeling energised in the morning, or if you’re trying to stay away from that third cup of coffee, try incorporating some supplements or vitamins into your everyday morning ritual. Whether you need some help focusing, need an immunity boost, are looking to support your all-day digestion or are preparing for a day on the go, there’s a supplement out there for you to help you feel empowered to take on your day. 


Taking a quiet moment in the morning before you jump into a busy day to gather your thoughts is another tip for setting yourself up for success. The early morning hours, often called “ambrosial hours”, are the perfect time for a meditation practice. Use the stillness of the early morning to centre and declutter your mind. 


Have a good breakfast

Cliche or not, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. According to a study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “relative to its energy contribution, breakfast provides a higher percentage of micronutrients than other meals consumed during the day. In addition to being a marker for an appropriate micronutrient and macronutrient intake pattern, regularity in breakfast consumption has been linked with improvement in academic performance and psychosocial functioning” Regularly having a substantial, healthy morning meal is one of the best things you can do to ensure you’re taking good care of your mind and body every day. 



Written by:
Leah Wingenroth

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