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Why men's skincare is important

Though most of us understand the importance of a tailored skincare routine, many men still shy away from exploring products that best suit their needs. Wrinkles, poor elasticity, blemishes and sun damage don’t just affect women.

We know the process of defining your skincare routine can be overwhelming, so in this blog, we’ll explore some critical aspects of a skincare ritual you need to make sure you tick off and why they’re an essential addition to your medicine cabinet.

  • Cleanser: It is thought that men have oilier skin than women, so finding a good cleanser for your skin type that doesn’t disrupt the moisture barrier is an excellent first step in building your routine and keeping your skin balanced. Check out our Natural Face Cleanser Balm to really melt away all the dirt, oil and pollution that gets trapped in your pores. 
  • Exfoliant: Though it may seem excessive, exfoliating products are really important for clear, healthy skin, especially if you shave your facial hair and are roughing up dry, sensitive skin. That being said, incorporating a hydrating shave cream is also critical, especially if you’re prone to razor bumps. 
  • Moisturiser: Even if moisturising is a bit self-explanatory, many men skip this step of their routine. Though some men claim not to like the feel on their faces, there are many different formulations of moisturisers with more wearable, comfortable textures. Moisturising your face regularly will help keep your skin retain hydration in the long run, as well as improve elasticity and fortify your skin barrier, keeping the bad stuff out and the good stuff in. Try out our Organic Ultra Hydrating Face Moisturiser, or if you want to take it a step further, add our Illuminating Avocado Face Oil and Restorative Organic Eye Serum to really trap in the moisture. 
  • SPF: Sun protection is one of the most vital steps of any skincare regimen! Sun damage has lasting effects, especially on the sensitive skin on your face. To keep your skin looking supple, youthful and even, apply SPF every single morning, even if you don’t think you’ll be out in the sun.
  • Anti-ageing: Unfortunately, we’ll all eventually start to see wrinkles on our face someday if we haven’t already. Using products with retinol is a great way to take some preventative care against wrinkles.

No matter what it is, the importance of a routine cannot be understated. It helps keep us regular, balanced and attentive, and often forces us to take time out of our day for ourselves. There are plenty of skincare products that are suitable for men, including our own range of natural products, that will ensure your skin looks youthful and healthy for longer.

Written by:
Leah Wingenroth

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