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Nicki Williams: Women's Health

Meet Nicki…

After failing to find any medical help for her health issues herself in her early 40s, Nicki discovered that she could turn things around using diet, lifestyle and natural supplements.

Just because we’re ageing doesn’t mean we need to put up with feeling less energetic or having more brain fog.

Nicki is now an award-winning nutritionist, author, speaker and women’s health expert. In 2014, Nicki founded Happy Hormones for Life, a nutrition practice dedicated to helping achieve better balance through nutrition and healthy living. She now helps hundreds of women worldwide to regain control of their hormones through 1-to-1 coaching, personalised testing, group workshops, online programmes, webinars and talks.

Nicki’s areas of expertise:

  1. Women's health
  2. Menopause
  3. Hormonal health
  4. Balance
  5. Nutrition


Buy Nicki's latest book 'How to Balance your Hormones' here.


Written by:
Stevie Deale

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