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Sound and music therapy for better sleep

Music has the unique ability to make us all feel deeply in different ways. The connection we have to sound is the foundation for music and sound therapy practice. Sound and music can positively impact our health and wellbeing and can support physiological changes within the body.  

Music therapy uses a variety of musical works to help us better tap into our emotions and communicate more effectively, and sound therapy or sound healing combines specific instruments, harmonics and frequencies which help support neurological and psychological healing (3).


What is a sound bath, and how can it help me sleep better?

A sound bath is a meditative experience where you are “bathed” in ambient sound waves and different sound frequencies, which help the body to relax completely.  


  • Promotes cognitive performance and mental wellness
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and burnout 
  • Balance the chakras
  • Help you “get in the zone,” ready for sleep

Try a sound bath out for yourself!

To support “World Sleep Day” on March 19th, our sound expert and friend multimedia artist, classical pianist and composer Rosey Chan created two special sound baths to help you sleep better.  

Rosey’s newest album ‘Sonic Apothecary’ set for release on March 26th, has been composed and recorded as the result of her extensive research into how music can induce relaxation, deep sleep, calm, and meditative states and her desire to understand the science behind positive ALPHA states, the scientific parameters of meditation, and how the brain is affected by sound.


How to get ready for a sound bath

  1. Lie or sit down (choose your position of meditation, get comfortable, your choice)
  2. Be still (relax the entire body, eyes closed, gaze inwards)
  3. Breathe in from the base of your spine to the crown of your head, then exhale from the crown to the base. Do a few rounds, then release the breath and reflect. 
  4. Immerse yourself into the sound, music and a relaxing scent.



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    Written by:
    Leah Wingenroth

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