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The Way I Live: Gemma Ireland

Late last week, we spoke to reflexologist Gemma Ireland on Instagram live about her practice, wellness, and how to stay healthy + happy at home this winter.

She told us, "Reflexology is incredible. It works on the entire body. It's a holistic treatment that works on meridians in the body which are energy field fields that transport chi around the body, in Chinese terms. Most reflexologists call it zones. By stimulating those meridians, through acupressure points on the foot, or hands, that's where all your nerve endings go, it create it helps boost your natural healing process within the body."

Below, she shared her top 5 tips with us for Health + Happiness.

  1. Stretch for a minimum of ten minutes each morning on your bedroom floor in your pj’s. I stretch every morning, as soon as I get out of bed. I call it pyjama yoga. I stretch for a minimum of 10 minutes every morning. If you have time for a yoga class, even better. 

  2. Eat a warming bowl of porridge first thing to enrich your nourishment and break your fast, don't let your cortisol have to kick in first thing in the morning. That's why it's called breakfast because you are breaking your fast.

  3. Try to talk to a friend every day and have a good belly laugh. Don't take life so seriously, people take life really seriously and we just need to live a bit!

  4. Get outside in the nature, breathe in the fresh air (well London air), look up and smile at people, not down at your phone.

  5. Have a boosting and healing Bodyflow Reflexology treatment to end your day. Every night I work on my hands, you can do very simple things just to release and prepare you for a good sleep. Or immerse yourself in a wonderful book, watch a good film to defrag your day. 

If you'd like to learn more about reflexology and how to stay happy + healthy in any season of life, here are a few of our favorite books:

The Reflexology Bible by Louise Keet:  This comprehensive book contains everything you need to know about the subject, including zone maps of the hands and feet, techniques for working the reflex points, advice on how to prepare for a reflexology session and a step-by-step routine to treat the whole body. With a detailed directory providing instructions to relieve common ailments, from digestive problems to skin complaints, plus specialised treatments to suit children and the elderly, this is the only guide to reflexology you'll ever need.

Mindfulness and the Natural World by Claire Thompson: Mindfulness & the Natural World explores what it means to connect with nature and how we can learn from nature to be more mindful in everyday life. Claire Thompson takes us on an engaging journey into the natural world and encourages us to experience its beauty and intrinsic value through the art of mindfulness.

The Holistic Health Handbook: Healing Remedies for Common Ailments by Kim Lam: a collection of alternative practices chosen to address common ailments of the body and mind. Its wide variety of holistic health treatments includes mind-body interventions, bodywork therapies, energy healing, and more to help restore balance in your body--and provide the relief you need. Get introduced to specific effective healing tools like aromatherapy, herbal medicine, breath work, acupressure, and meditation. An overview of each common holistic health practice teaches you the basics, helping you choose what to integrate into your personal treatment plan.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport: an in-depth look on how to live better with less technology since the urge to pick up our phones every few minutes has become a nervous twitch that leaves us unable to be present. Our addiction to tech leaves us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Written by:
Brendan Murdock,

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