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The Way I Live: Roxanne First

Late last week, we spoke to jeweler and artist Roxanne First on Instagram live about her creative practice, wellness, and how to stay healthy + happy at home this winter. She told us, "the perfect piece of jewellery is the one you never have (or want) to take off."

Below, she shared her top 5 tips with us for Health + Happiness.

  1. Take a walk everyday in the fresh air before you start your day, put a podcast on, listen to your favorite playlist. Don't be on your phone, instead appreciate and be mindful of what is around you.
  2. Try and drink at least 2 liters of water a day (I usually manage only 1.5 but one can try).
  3. Use an anatome diffuser in the office - or where you work, scent is so important to keep you focused.
  4. Read before bed, try and get off our phone an hour before you sleep.
  5. Hang out with your mates - they are the best people in the world for happiness.

To learn more about how to stay happy + healthy in this season, Roxanne recommends these books:

Saucy - Nina Parker

Quick, healthy, sauce inspiration from around the world to spice up your cooking. The secret to vamping up healthy eating is simple. A great sauce. From California to Mexico and Japan, this cookbook contains some of the easiest, punchiest, jaw droppingly delicious sauces.

Leading from the Front - Gerald Ronson:

In this book, the last of the great British tycoons reveals how he fought his way to the top of the business ladder, lost everything twice, then clawed his way back up again. Told in his own tough, no-nonsense words, Ronson's insights into British business, the British Establishment and justice system, and his family, friends and foes make this one of the single most important autobiographies.

Written by:
Brendan Murdock,

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