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TWIL with Nina Parker

Last week, we caught up with chef Nina Parker on Instagram live to talk about her new book, her catering business, and her passion for Tennis.

She said to us, "If you just have a couple of really versatile products in your cupboard, it can be really useful for just knocking really healthy dishes together."

Below, she shares her tips for Health + Happiness:

  1. Eating well- I notice the difference in my mood the minute I stop eating well.  In these Corona times, it's a game-changer even more.
  2. Music - I have missed live music so much this year but my Spotify playlist have kept me going.
  3. Meditation - I started meditating over a year ago and I'm a huge advocate for it.  It's changed my life and I feel like it helps me react better to situations.
  4. Affirmations - Something else which has really helped me this year.  They are also great when you are self-employed so that you have a strong focus every morning.  They put you in a good mood and give you ideas.  
  5. Tennis - I of course wanted to say people on this last one but tennis is up there too.  Exercise in general is amazing for keeping you in check but I love the competitively that comes with this sport.

For more on how to stay healthy and happy in this upcoming year, check out a few of our favorite books:

Saucy by Nina Parker
Nina's cookbook is the inspiration you need to cook healthily and quickly. From California to Mexico and Japan, this cookbook contains some of the easiest, punchiest, jaw droppingly delicious sauces.

Half-Hour Hero by Roz Purcell:
The ultimate book for cooking delicious, healthy meals in just half an hour. This book will show you how tasty healthy foods can be - and how easy it is to fit them into a busy lifestyle. Using readily available ingredients and store cupboard essentials, these recipes are quick, simple, nutritious and most of all, delicious.

Mindful Eating by Jan Chozen Bays:
This book is a simple tool that can transform your relationship with food into one of ease and delight. Food should be one of life's greatest pleasures, yet many of us have such a conflicted relationship with it that we miss out on that. This book will help you rediscover your love of food and help you to tune into your body's own wisdom about what, when, and how much to eat. 

How to Be a Conscious Eater by Sophie Egan:
A radically practical guide to making food choices that are good for you, others, and the planet, this book helps us navigate the bewildering world of food so that we can all become conscious eaters. 

Written by:
Brendan Murdock,

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