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Sunday Edition #2: Phoebe Greenacre

Last week we interviewed Phoebe Greenacre, co-founder of Silou, a luxury activewear brand, created in response to busy lifestyles and for all women to make them feel empowered and beautiful. She revealed us five precious tips for living well and she shared her sacred sleep routine.

Read below the full interview to find out more.

Tell us your story - from where you grew up to your most exciting phase (is it now)?

I grew up on the beaches of Sydney, studied Japanese for 10 years and lived in Japan at the age of 16. I caught the travel bug very early on and then moved to the USA to work in the ski resorts at age 18. From then, I worked in corporate marketing for 10 years to fund my love for travelling. I had a goal of 30 countries before I turned 30. So, when I hit that goal, I moved to London to explore the other side of the world and now I have 65 countries under my belt. 

I trained a yoga teacher and stepped into the world of entrepreneurship at the age of 29. First building a marketing consultancy to co-founding SILOU London. Tatiana Kovylina and I wanted to live in a world where women embrace their silhouette, activewear is long-lasting, fashion works for the planet, not against it. SILOU creates activewear you gravitate towards, for all of life's moments - both large and small. Designed to stand the test of time, SILOU is built to last. 

I now reside in Bali with my husband as a somatic therapist and help women find freedom and self-care in their lives with The Self Care Space.

Where in your home have you created your haven?

After travelling to so many different environments, I’ve found my home within my own body. It’s my safe place, a place I can connect to every day through my mindfulness and embodiment practices. Through my therapy studies, I could see I was searching all over the world for belonging, and I truly believe I’ve found that now, inside my own body.

However, if it’s a physical space, I love a quiet spot in my house where I can roll out my yoga mat, rub on some essential oils, and listen to nature as I move my body. This to me is heaven.


Phoebe Greenacre


What is your self-care routine?

I co-founded SILOU and began the Self Care Space because I absolutely love self-care. I make sure I fill up my different cups each day, emotional self-care, physical self-care, mental self-care and spiritual self-care. My non-negotiables are daily mindful movement in my SILOU activewear, meditation, and lots of white space in my diary. I work very closely with my menstrual cycle - so my self-care routine looks different depending on what phase I am in. My Luteal phase is probably the phase where I up my self-care a lot - slow down, cancel things in my diary, add in more massages, facials and amp up the Yin yoga.


What are you listening to at the moment?

I circulate between Alexis Ffrench for when I’m working, and some Africa disco when I’m in the mood for dancing. I just spent 6 months living in Kenya, so my music taste is always evolving.


What are your 5 top tips for living well?

Listen to your body and move from that space.

Drop out of your head, and into your heart when making decisions.

Don’t block or hold back emotions. Let them flow.

Life is short. Do the thing that brings you JOY.

Fuel your body with wholefoods, locally grown and organic.

What is your creative downtime like?
I love taking a book to my favourite café in Bali that overlooks the rice fields. Running a hot bath and listening to Alexis Ffrench or walking along the beach with my favourite podcast. I always get ideas in nature, so spending as much time in nature is my source for ideas and inspiration.

Sleeping is one of our clients’ main goals. How do you sleep better?

I’m a self-confessed sleep queen. I’ve helped many of my clients and friends with enriching their sleep routine into their lives. During the first pandemic, I hosted free bedtime meditations and had over 1000+ women join me online.

Things that help? No caffeine after 12 pm, no screen time after 8 pm (phone/laptop/tv), Yin yoga before bedtime and a good nighttime routine that your body can recognize it’s time for sleep. 

That may include a nighttime bath with bath salts and essential oils, a facial cleansing ritual, listening to calming music that includes Delta Waves 432hz and using a guided meditation to help calm down your nervous system, my most popular one is here. Always a few drops of Lavender essential oil on your pillow works like a treat.

Written by:
Laura Scalas

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