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Sunday Edition #52: Gina Storm-Jensen

Welcome to the Sunday edition of our interview series, where we sit down with inspiring individuals from all walks of life. 

This Sunday, we speak with Gina Storm-Jensen, a talented dancer at the Royal Ballet. In this interview, she shares her journey to becoming a professional dancer, her everyday routines, and her advice for aspiring dancers.

Tell us about your journey to becoming a Ballerina

It all started when I was four years old in a local ballet school in Oslo. I immediately fell in love with it, and training became more serious from the age of 8 when I joined the Norwegian national ballet school.

At twelve, I was set on making this my career, so I competed in international competitions, which got me into The Royal Ballet School and, afterwards, The Royal Ballet.


How do you rest and recover from the performance?

We don’t get much recovery time after a performance because we get home late and wake up early the next day to get back to work. I usually hurry home after a show at around 11.30 pm and have dinner while in my inflatable recovery boots. Then I have a quick shower and go to bed.

Winding down after a full day of rehearsals and a show can be very challenging, so putting on a candle or making some anatomê mindful tea helps!

What is your main well-being goal and how do you work towards it?

Staying healthy and happy are my main goals! With my heavy workload schedule, having a strong immune system is key so I don’t get sick and miss out on important shows. Keeping happy has always been a priority for me in life, so surrounding myself with positive people and making the most of every day is how I actively work towards achieving that.

Before a performance, what is your ritual? How do you prepare for it? 

Every role is different and needs different preparation. But for the most part, I eat a snack an hour before, apply my stage makeup and re-warm up in the studio so my body feels ready for the performance. 

What is your guilty pleasure? How often do you indulge in it? 

I don’t really have a guilty pleasure - I think balance is key, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for anything that brings you joy!!

What’s your dream summer destination and why?

I absolutely love Spain and have spent most of my summers in the Balearic. It’s so beautiful there and reminds me of all my happy childhood memories! I can’t wait to be back there this summer!

How well do you sleep? And what are your bedtime tricks, habits or routines? 

Sleep is something I really want to work on, as it’s the best form of quick recovery. Anatome has great nighttime formulations that help you get better sleep. Adding the recovery + sleep essential oil, making a cup of tea and disconnecting from technology an hour before bed have all become part of my nighttime routine and help me wind down.


Summer is upon us. What are your plans?

We are currently in Tokyo on tour, and my fiancé is coming over at the end to spend some more time with me in Asia! I’m also going to Spain and Germany!

Can you tell us about your diet? Is it disciplined? What do you prioritise?

I don’t follow a specific diet. I’ll eat whatever my body is craving and telling me to have. I focus on two things: protein and magnesium - protein is good for muscle recovery, and magnesium helps with muscle cramps and sleep! 

Written by:
Emeric Fakambi

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