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Sunday Edition #64:Dalia Moustafa

Brand Director + Partner of BXR London Talks Fitness and its Impact on the Mind.

K: Fitness is extremely linked to aesthetics, maybe even more so today with people consuming tons of fitness content on social media— sometimes in ways that are not great for our mental health. How do we deprioritise aesthetic pressures in our fitness journeys?

D: We've seen quite a maturity over the past seven years at BXR— we’ve seen our gym culture’s evolution going from aesthetics, to becoming a mindset, which feeds into mental health.

I think the shift from aesthetic benefits to mental health in the gym involves recognising how exercise positively impacts your mind.

It's about embracing the stress-reducing, mood-enhancing, and confidence-boosting aspects of working out. Thinking less "What will this workout make me look like?" and more "How will it make me feel?"

I also believe we're in better times where we are seeing an increase in promoting body positivity and acceptance, reducing stigmas around diverse body types. A huge contributor to this is in fact social media, as controversial as it is— I think that certain platforms and profiles have provided a space for individuals to share their body-positive journeys, which in turn, fosters supportive communities.

K: On the topic of community— I go climbing, and one thing I like about it is the community. It doesn’t feel like I’m going to the gym. It feels like I’m going to see my friends and have fun. And that keeps me coming back. 

D: There’s definitely a community element in fitness, which we're seeing wildly growing at the moment. A lot of people go to whatever gym is most convenient, whatever’s down the road.

But a lot of our clients at BXR come from Chelsea, or Hampstead, when there's plenty of gyms closer to them. It’s because they've made this community at BXR, and that’s what they’re coming back for. 

I believe what builds that community is that they're going through the same thing. You've arrived to the class, you've all gone through the same thing. And if you look at some of the individuals who have become friends, you’d see that they would have never otherwise made that connection. I think fitness feeds into mental health because it creates communities


K: You know, I asked my question at the beginning, not because I had an answer for it. But I think through our conversation, one answer might be community— by pursuing fitness with other people, by sweating with your friends, it can get you out of your head and away from negative self-talk that has to do with body image. 

D: When you’re with other people, you also don’t take yourself as seriously. 

K: Very true. So, how did you get involved with BXR?

I was introduced to the founders Olia and Alex during the inception period in 2017. Our first meeting was at our Marylebone site during the construction phase. 


I was instantly drawn to the project, given my strong passion for wellness and fitness. 

Their mission and vision resonated with me— I joke sometimes that as a lifetime Marylebone resident, I created a gym of my dreams. 

Prior to then, I had worked at Christie's and in my family business, which gave me the tools I needed to help bring this project to life. My knowledge of luxury goods and personal standards meant I was able to understand consumer needs and help build the brand. I am a firm believer that the universe places you where you need to be at the right time. 

K: Totally. And I’m looking forward to anatomē’s future collaborations with BXR. I think our goals have a lot of synergy. 

D: It combines your expertise in holistic wellness with our fitness elements. I always say, be the best at what you do, and outsource what you cannot. 

It was great to learn that anatomē shares our values and aspirations to provide a healthier, more balanced life for our clients on a premium level. Especially in terms of promoting better sleep, which is crucial in a place like London.

This collab has come at an exciting time for us, as we’re about to launch BXR LABS next week. That’s our recovery space, which will host an infrared sauna and an ice bath. 

K: That is exciting. What’s next for you, and for BXR?

D: With BXR, we are keen to build more sites both in the UK and internationally. And of course, we’ll continue to offer the best facility we can. 

In my future career path, I'm eager to delve deeper into the wellness industry and further apply my knowledge, as well as gain knowledge as this space continues to evolve. 

Follow Dalia at @dalia_ali and BXR at @bxrlondon 

Here’s a conditioning workout you can do at home from one of BXR’s own trainers, Jack Mulcahy (@jackthemindfulcoach). 

Conditioning circuit - do the following as fast as possible
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
1a. Split squat jumps
1 minute
50 seconds
40 seconds
30 seconds
1b. Jump squats
1 minute
50 seconds
40 seconds
30 seconds
1c. Jackknifes
1 minute
50 seconds
40 seconds
30 seconds
Strength work
1a. Towel lat pulldown
45 seconds recovery
2a. Single Leg hip thrust
45 seconds recovery
3a. wall press
45 seconds recovery

Written by:
Kaytie Nielsen

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