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Sunday Edition #40: Melissa Abraham

We speak to our neighbor Melissa, Store Manager at the stylish Sabah shoe store on Chiltern Street. Melissa gives an insight into the story behind Sabah, how she stays balanced and her thoughts on mood and wellbeing.

Tell us your story - what is your role at Sabah?

I joined Sabah in May 2019. Mickey Ashmore, our Founder & CEO and I connected through a mutual friend, we met about two weeks before we were due to open the shop. I’m a jack of all trades on this side of the pond.


We understand Sabah is an American brand, what brought it to London?

Our customers! We had a big following in the UK so it was time to open a physical space.

How do you find balance, and what keeps you inspired? 

People inspire me, the ones I work with and our customers as well as the people I’ve become friends with in the village. Finding balance is so tricky, I’m still working on that.

What do you do to motivate yourself, or to switch up energy throughout the day?

Walking, going for a quick walk helps me reset. 


How do you define wellbeing?

Having a healthy mind and a healthy body. 

We love the Sabah store style. What is the vibe you are going for here?

Thank you! Sabah was born out of selling shoes in Mickey’s apartment in NY. He threw a big party for his friends and sold shoes so we’ve tried to keep that idea going in all of our stores – essentially inviting someone into your home. 

What are some small habits you practice that make a big difference?

Having a ‘check in’ with myself every morning and every night – sipping on a cup of tea.


What’s your life’s philosophy or mantra? 

Elephants never forget, remember that. Be kind, work hard & amazing things will happen. 

Sleep can greatly affect our mood and stress levels. What’s your ideal winding down routine to find peace and calm?

Everything spotless, candle burning and sipping on sleepy tea with some lavender room scent. 

How do you stay calm and grounded when in the midst of stressful times?

I jot down my thoughts, I breathe mindfully for at least a minute and I drink tea.

Something you’re looking forward to? 

Is it too soon to say summer?

Written by:
Emeric Fakambi

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