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    Focus Boost

    Focus Boost

    After months in lockdown brain fog is more common than you think. Forgetfulness, brain fatigue, lack of sharp focus and clear thinking are results of reduced social interaction and abrupt changes in our lifestyles.

    At anatomē our nutritionists created a selection of products to support brain function and to tackle the stress that comes with the current scenario we are living.

    Focus + Concentration oil is a zingy and stimulating scent to boost brain focus including Indian Ginger, Wild Fragonia and Somali Frankincense to declutter and stimulate your mind so your thoughts channelled.

    Cognitive Focus + Memory Support provide medicinal mushrooms to boost neuronal activity and to prevent brain fatigue and fogginess.

    Focus + Concertation Tea is a perfect alternative for caffeinated coffee. oolong tea, yerba mate and white tea is soothing and equally stimulating.

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