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Mental health resources for Black people

Being a person of colour can be a difficult experience, from microaggressions to more outright instances of racism, it is incredibly hard to traverse life in this country (and others) as a Black human. These instances of blatant or subtle racism can have a detrimental effect on how you view yourself, causing damage to your mental health, not to mention the barrage of stories and videos of violence and death of Black people across social media. In light of Black History Month and the effects this can have on mental health, we’ve compiled a list of culturally sensitive mental health resources to help. 

Instagram accounts: 

@blackliturgies - “A space where Black spiritual words live in dignity, lament, rage, and liberation.”

This instagram account is incredibly affirming for spiritual people of colour. If you’re a spiritual person, this instagram account serves to affirm, calm, commiserate and so much more. 

@blackgirlinom - “Creating space for Black women to breathe easy. Podcast • The Circle Membership • Meditations”

This account is dedicated to helping Black women find peace, empowerment, liberation and vitality. It is also a community and podcast to help build connections and achieve inner wellness together. The founder has also created a journal with exercises to help cultivate a wellness routine and help you find healing.  


A not for profit business that advocates for the mental health of Black humans by posting affirmations and resources to help Black people discover mindfulness at home. They repost content that will leave you feeling empowered and safe in who you are. 

@wetheurban - “Black-owned, celebrating inclusivity, self-love, & marginalized voices. Our posts have been proven to boost personal power by 1000% 🧡” 

This account seeks to empower and affirm Black voices by sharing stories from art, fashion, music and other creative pursuits. They hope that by shining a light on fearless stories and cultural beacons, they will enlighten, inspire and empower young Black voices. 

Directories and Networks 

The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network (BAATN)

This is the largest community of mental health professionals in the UK for people of Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean heritage. They connect people to therapists around the UK and provide free resources and services as well.


A guided journaling app to help women of colour rise up together and become empowered. They provide the tools for women of colour to decompress and think about the challenges specific to them with a focus on reclaiming their space and story. 

Black Minds Matter UK

They seek to connect Black communities and individuals with free mental health services from professional Black mental health professionals. They seek to remove the stigma of seeking mental health help and tailor the services directly for the Black community. 

Black Thrive 

This is an extensive community of individuals, private organisations, and voluntary organisations that works together to reduce inequalities and injustices within Black mental health services. They address the societal factors that can contribute to negative self image, health and wellbeing, like access to education, housing, financial issues and racial discrimination.  

Written by:
Stevie Deale

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