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Why probiotics might help with hay fever

If you’re finding yourself with itchy eyes and a runny nose this time of year, you aren’t alone. Hay fever, our bodies natural reaction to pollen in the air, effects almost everyone and can make time normally enjoyed out in the warm summer sun feel like a chore. Hay fever tablets can provide some relief from the symptoms, but is there anyway to kick hay fever to the curb for good?

Scientists at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine are exploring that very possibility, testing the hypothesis that probiotics may have a positive effect on the immune system and aid in combating hay fever allergens. 

By increasing bacterial diversity in the gut, our bodies may have less severe reactions to pollutant, pollen and other irritants that normally make us cough and sneeze. It’s possible that hygienic practices of countries in the Global North have diminished the naturally occurring bacteria in our bodies, making us more susceptible to these kinds of reactions.

On that basis, scientists are also researching the possibility of probiotics positively bolstering our bodies against other diseases that are generally exclusive to the Global North. 

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Written by:
Leah Wingenroth

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