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Managing your post-lockdown anxiety

As we emerge from our third (and hopefully final) lockdown here in the United Kingdom and are preparing for life to pick back up again, your might be experiencing some feelings of stress around what it means to return to “normal.”

After a year of being told to keep our distance, stay home and avoid public gatherings, public transit and public everything else, it’s natural to feel anxious about remerging into the world again. 

Here are our tips on how to support and protect your mental and physical health as lockdown starts to lift.


Self-care and self-love are the names of the game in rebuilding our resilience. Resilience refers to our ability to bounce back from tough situations and involves having a deep connection with our own wellbeing. It’s important to be compassionate and understanding with yourself and others as we all tackle this next phase of our lives together and reassess our boundaries. 


One of our favourite ways to rejuvenate and restore our bodies and minds is through movement and meditation. A daily practice of mindful meditation, yoga, walking or jogging is a great way to balance your thoughts, energise your body and help you get used to getting out and about again. 


Just like with any new experience, establishing a routine for how you plan to take on your day is essential in readjusting to a post-lockdown world. Our collection of Support + Protection sprays and essential oils are ideal for integrating into your new daily ritual to assist you in fortifying your health and defining your space. 


Give yourself time to readjust! It’s okay to take things slow and skip out on meals out for the first few weeks if it still doesn’t feel quite right. It may take some time to unlearn all the precautions we ingrained in ourselves over the past year, and there’s no shame in not feeling ready just yet. 

Reach out

If you’re really feeling the post-Covid anxieties setting in, don’t be afraid to reach out to your loved ones for support and guidance. After a year of isolation, it’s easy to feel alone in your emotions – but remember, we’re all more or less feeling the same stress, uncertainty and pressure about what life might look like on the other side of this pandemic.

Need some extra help managing your post-lockdown anxiety?

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Written by:
Leah Wingenroth

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