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Our favourite places to move your body in London

Moving your body is a great way to keep both your body and mind healthy. One study from 2018 found that there is “overwhelming evidence that lifelong exercise is associated with a longer health span,” in addition to a number of other incredible benefits (1).

However, sometimes we all need a little help to get started and to stick to it, which is where a class comes in. Not only will it help teach you the skills you need to stay motivated and continue exercising, often classes are a great way to have fun whilst exercising and are a great way to meet new people. Together with the anatome team, below we take a look at our favourite places to move your body in London, including a few unique classes that we just adore!

Image Credits- 1: Louis McMiller + Psycle 3: House of Voga


Psycle is, of course, one of our favourite places! The studio is known for its high energy spin class full of life and passion, but it also has a ton of amazing other classes like strength classes, barre classes and yoga classes. No matter how you like to exercise, Psycle has something for you. The majority of their classes are low-impact, so even if you're battling injuries, you can still move your body and reap the benefits of exercise. 


HulaFit mixes the childhood fun of hula-hoops with the high energy cadence of a fitness class. Suitable for both beginners and pros, these classes help to tone your abs, legs and arms with a weighted hula-hoop. HulaFit is committed to making exercise as fun as possible with their website saying, “we at HulaFit believe that even if you hate everything, no one can hate hula hooping.” So if you’re looking for something fun, full of life and reminiscent of childhood joy, this might just be the class for you.


Tired of a standard yoga class? This one is definitely for you. Voga combines the 80s trend of vogueing with yoga, so you’ll be focusing on your breath whilst doing expressive dance moves, all to the soundtrack of your favourite 80s songs (think lots of Madonna!). While you may be thinking this is a bit easy, don’t be fooled, it’ll certainly give you a good workout. However, it’ll be a lot more fun than your traditional yoga class. Voga bills themselves as “yoga with sass,” so be prepared to bust out your leotard and pursed lips for this unique class. 

Parkour Generations

If you’ve ever looked at a parkour video and thought, this looks like so much fun! Then Parkour generations is for you. With acrobatics, jumping, balancing, and climbing, this academy will be sure to help make you stronger, faster, and more agile. Not only does Parkour Generations have a London based academy, they also offer online classes, so you can access their innovative programs no matter where you are. 


Written by:
Stevie Deale

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