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Different styles of Pilates and their benefits

Though one of the most popular exercises around, by no means does pilates refer to one uniform kind of activity. All types of pilates centre breathing and control and involve precise groupings of motions, but no two classes, styles or practitioners are quite the same. A key factor in getting the most out of your workout is finding which kind of pilates is right for you. 

Different types of pilates:

  • Classical Pilates: Classical refers to the traditional practice outlined by Joseph Pilates that utilises both mat and apparatus work as well as posterior resting positions. 
  • Mat Pilates: As indicated by the name, mat pilates use a yoga mat to focus mainly on strengthening the core, making it ideal for those with back pain. 
  • Reformer Pilates: Reformer pilates uses a reformer machine that adds a level of resistance to traditional Pilates exercises. Reformer practices are a more advanced level of pilates and are intended for burning calories and losing weight. 
  • Contemporary Pilates: Taking from the foundations of classical pilates, contemporary pilates utilises modern wellness concepts to improve upon the classical method, such as communication skills and biomechanics. 
  • Stott Pilates: This type of pilates, sometimes called clinical pilates, is intended for injury rehabilitation, flexibility, stability and balance. 
  • Winsor Pilates: The Winsor pilates method derives its structure for HIIT workouts, using nontraditional, high-intensity movements in short bursts.

Though each style has different intentions and outcomes, the overall benefits of Pilates include:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased and balanced muscular strength, particularly in your core
  • Stability through your limbs and spine
  • Strengthened posture
  • Safe rehabilitation from injury 
  • Increased awareness through your body
  • Relaxation and stress management

There is a pilates practice or class that suits anyone and everyone, regardless of mobility and physicality. Follow up your pilates class with our Muscle Recovery + Maintenance SupplementMuscle Ease Body Oil or Muscle Ease and Skin Restoring Bath Salts for optimal results and muscle recovery. For a great, everyday Pilates practice, check out this virtual class with London based instructor Lottie Murphy.



Written by:
Leah Wingenroth

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