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Our favourite restaurants to eat plant based in London

Vegan restaurants are having a heyday right now, making it one of the best times to be solely plant based. However, even if you like a nibble of cheese every now and then, these incredible London restaurants are sure to bring you back to the joys of vegetables and the power of plant based nutrition. 

Plant hub

This vegan and gluten free Italian hub (yes, you read that right, gluten free and vegan Italian food, it’s heavenly) in Hackney has been a plant-based haven for East Londoners. Featuring local ingredients and producers, like famed plant based cheeze artisan I am nut okay, this airy and bright eatery can be found on Mare Street near London Fields station. Just a stone’s throw away from Broadway market, it makes for the perfect place to spend a Saturday evening after wandering around the farmers market in the afternoon. Plant Hub has a fantastic selection of natural wines, home brewed kombucha, and a menu that will convince even the most carnivorous of us to eat more plants. 

Mao Chow

Another Hackney classic right up the road from Plant Hub, this cash-only vegan Sichuan spot has some of the best Chinese food (vegan or not) we’ve ever had. They’ve recently opened up another location at Boxpark in Shoreditch with a slightly amended menu, making them more accessible than ever. The London Fields Location on Mare Street is tiny and unassuming, in fact, the sign above it reads Frank’s Coffe, making it hard to know if you’re in the right spot and if you’re a coffee lover like me, it leaves you wondering why this coffee shop is never open during the day before you realise it’s not a coffee shop at all. Once they open at 6ish, you’ll know you’ve found the spot everyone’s been talking about since their trademark delicious scents are consistently wafting out from the little shop. Vegan Chinese food is hard to come by, but Mao Chow knocks it out of the park, time and time again.


Sri Lanka drops into the heart of London with the three branches of Hoppers. Complete with Dosas, Kothu, Hoppers, Rice & Roasts inspired by the flavours of ⁣Sri Lanka & ⁣South India, this flavour packed destination is a favourite of omnivores and vegans alike. Whilst not strictly a vegan restaurant, it’s one of our favourite places to eat plant based. Between the fermented lentil and rice batter Dosas and the Tamil Aubergine Kari, our mouths are already watering. The menus change slightly between locations so be sure to take a look at the correct menu so you aren’t disappointed when you get there!   


Found in Spitalfields, this little gem is a vegan haven, with a meze spread that is probably one of the best you’ll ever find ever. Delicious, bright, full of delightful vegan goodies, it’s one of the stars of the East London food scene. So much so that they’re even being sold all over the country with grocery stores like Farmdrop and Grocery Post! It has a set menu that isn’t too bad in terms of price and changes monthly based on what’s in season, alongside a few staple dishes like the halloumi. For August, it features Oyster mushroom skewers, confit potato latkes and saffron roasted kohlrabi. We love this little place and are sure that you will too!

Written by:
Stevie Deale

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