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Discover our New Defence + Immune Support Botanical Supplement

Discover our New Defence + Immune Support Botanical Supplement

Anatomē experts believe in the power of nature + the intelligence of science and we want to help you be as healthy as you possibly can.


Over the last six months, our team has been developing a new supplement, using adaptogens, extraordinary powerful herbs that stimulate the immune response to function optimally, to support your health and wellbeing: Defence + Immune Support. 


The compound is made with a blend of organic botanicals that have powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents with immunomodulatory properties to support the optimum immune response against potential pathogens and illnesses. 


“We have spent quite a long time developing this compound, trying to find the best ingredient sources and also focusing on sustainability.” says Winder Ton, RD MSc, anatomé’s nutrition expert, “This compound is completely organic and all natural. It was created to help the immune system as a whole. It enhances the defensive immune response and helps renovate immune cells, clearing out the old ones (that aren't fighting properly) and stimulate the production and maturation of new ones.” 


Naturally, when a health pandemic strikes, we are bound to feel more concerned about staying strong and healthy. Stress, disruptive sleep and anxiety can lead to high cortisol levels leaving a negative impact on our immune systems. Over 6 months, our team has been developing this new combination of rare and effective ingredients. Adaptogens are known for their unique ability to “adapt” their function according to the specific needs of the body and stimulate hormonal response to improve health and functioning of the body including tackling stress and free radicals, supporting immune response and improving mental health at the same time.


We believe the power of nature can help you be as healthy as you possibly can to support your health and wellbeing. We combine plant extracts with vitamins for a simple reason. Vitamins act effectively and directly in metabolic pathways to support cells and metabolism. Botanical extracts not only provide vitamins and minerals inherent in their natural structure, but also a myriad of phytochemicals that protect, stimulate growth, repair and support development of human living cells. The supplements are organic, as pesticides can be immunotoxic and can compromise the normal immune response.


Nutrition Facts


Our Defence + Immune Support contains Vitamin C in a natural form extracted from Amla Fruit. Vitamin C supports the function of various immune cells and enhances their ability to protect against infections. This vitamin is also necessary for cellular death, which helps keep your immune system healthy by clearing out old cells and replacing them with new ones (1). necessary for cellular death, which helps keep your immune system healthy by clearing out old cells and replacing them with new ones (1).  In addition, this supplement contains the following adaptogens: Astragalus extract is a rare herb used in Chinese medicine, significantly improves immune-related responses (2). A review of 4 randomized control studies in 180 people found that Elderberry supplements, super rich in Vitamin C, flavonoids and anthocyanins, significantly reduced upper respiratory symptoms caused by viral infections (3). Garlic has been shown to enhance immune health by stimulating protective white blood cells like Natural Killers cells and macrophages (4). Oregano has antiseptical biochemicals that can be protective against some bacteria and viruses (5). Moringa, another rare adaptogen, is a powerful anti-inflammatory with natural quercetin, magnesium and vitamins A and B6 (6).


The immune system is a complex collection of cells, processes and biochemicals that constantly defend your body against invading pathogens, viruses, toxins and bacteria. Keeping the immune system healthy by consuming nutritious foods, getting enough sleep and regular exercise are important ways to support your immune system. Research has shown that supplementing with certain micronutrients and herbs can improve the immune response and potentially protect against illness.


When to take it?


Either first thing in the morning or last thing before bedtime. We strongly advise to take with a gut biotic (or a probiotic) alongside. They have a powerful synergistic effect, meaning their effects are stronger when taken together. The adaptogens are basically food for the probiotic to grow inside the gut lining, and the probiotics improve vitamins absorption. The Defence + Immune Support supplement compliments other anatomé products such as Relax, Rest + Sleep, Men’s Daily Essentials + Immune Support and Women’s Daily Well Being + Hormonal Support.  The supplement also works well alongside the Daily Biotic + Gut Support. Evidence suggests that when taken together promotes better gut health and stronger immune response.


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