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Self-Care Christmas Gifts to Get Your Work Friends

When it comes to buying your work friends gifts during the Christmas season, it can be difficult to find a gift that suits them perfectly and that you know they will love and use. One thing that they will be sure to appreciate is a gift that focuses on their self-care, and that will make them feel better this Christmas. 

Here at anatomē we have a wide range of wonderful self-care gifts that you can gift your work friends; to have them looking and feeling their best this winter. We have put together a post to share with you just a few of our team's favourite self-care gifts that you can send as gifts this Christmas. 

From essential oils, to candles, to tea, to skincare - we have all of the self-care gifts and essentials that you could possibly want and you will be sure to find a gift that each and every one of your work friends will love. 

Recovery + Sleep Candle

Our Recovery + Sleep Candle is the ideal gift for your work friends, bringing beautiful aromatic scents to their home that will help them to recover better and experience a restful night's sleep. This candle has a warm and comforting scent - perfect for setting the mood for a cosy and relaxing evening. The key ingredients include; English Lavender, Somali Frankincense, Myrrh, Scots Pine, and Sandalwood - to help support physical relaxation, allow you to unwind, and encourage deep quality sleep. 

Focus + Concentration Loose Tea Blend 

The Focus + Concentration Loose Tea Blend is a wonderful gift for your work friends, giving them something that they can sip on and enjoy in the evening after a long day. It is a blend of Oolong, Yerba Mate, and White Tea - helping to support focus, increase concentration, and help with all-round cognitive function. This tea will help to refresh and revitalise, and has a delicious medium-bodied flavour with citrus and fruity elements. 

Lavender Pillow Spray

Lavender Pillow Spray is a beautiful gift that your work friends are bound to love, and will help them have a deep and restful night's sleep. This pillow spray is made up of a calming blend of essential oils; to help you fall asleep faster, reduce sleep anxiety, and encourage better sleep. It is made up of 22 essential oils including our anatomē signature Lavender blend - to help soothe and calm the mind before bedtime, and encourage the brain to relax and unwind. All you need to do is spritz a few sprays onto your pillow or pyjamas, and enjoy the beautiful scents that this relaxing Lavender pillow spray brings. 

Balance + Stability Essential Oil

Balance + Stability Essential Oil is an amazing gift to help encourage your work friends to indulge in some self care - made up of an earthy blend of 25 essential oils to help anchor the body and centre the mind during times of stress and anxiety. This botanical blend brings ease and balance to the body, with specially selected ingredients rich in terpenes - naturally occurring molecules known to alleviate stress by decreasing our cortisol levels. This essential oil will help to soothe both the body and mind, and ground you whenever you feel restless or stressed.

Nourishing Hand + Body Moisturiser 

Nourishing Hand + Body Moisturiser is also a luxurious gift for your work friends to have their skin feeling its best, and help to replenish hydration, improve skin texture and appearance, and nourish the skin with pure essential oils. This nourishing hand and body moisturiser combines highly absorbent organic essential oils to hydrate the skin, and has a light and beautiful scent. The moisturiser is created for all skin types - even for sensitive skin - and will be sure to leave your skin feeling fresh, restored and hydrated.

Expertly Blended Botanical Ingredients

We care about your wellbeing; which is why you will be able to find self-care gifts that have been created to address key common concerns that most of us face - such as sleep, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and gut health. All of our products at Anaome have been created using expertly blended botanical ingredients -so that you can start to feel better, and bring some balance into your modern lifestyle. Our team of aromacologists and nutritionists work hard to create self-care products that you and your loved ones will adore, and that will have you feeling your best both physically and mentally this Christmas season.

Place An Order with anatomē Today

We hope this post has given you some inspiration as to just a few of the self-care gifts that you can buy for your work friends this Christmas, to have them feeling their best. As well as the self-care gifts that our team have mentioned, we also have a wide collection of other self-care gifts you can browse on our website.

If you’d like to place an order for Christmas self-care gifts with anatomē, visit our website and place an order with us today. You can enjoy free UK shipping on all orders over £50, and we also offer express shipping. 

Should you have any questions for our team regarding our Christmas self-care gifts, or any of our other products? Don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can reach us by filling out our online contact form, and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your enquiry.

Written by:
Garrett Looney

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