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Building better pro-sleep habits during the day

If you have difficulty sleeping or maybe just want to achieve more restful, sustainable sleeping patterns, you’ve probably done some research into how to build your ideal sleep routine. Bedtime sleep hygiene is an essential part of a good night time ritual that facilitates healthy sleep all night long. Whether that’s a good stretch or breathing exercise before bed, a clean room, a calming candle, cosy sheets or a splash of your favourite essential oil, a consistent routine helps you drift off effortlessly. 

But, what you maybe didn’t know is how important it is to foster good habits to promote better rest during the daytime, too. To truly optimise rest that nurtures your best self, set sleep as a goal to work towards all day long. 

Here are our top tips on how to set yourself up for a great night of sleep: 

  1. Utilise your internal clock: Try letting yourself wake up with the sun and use natural light as your alarm clock. Our circadian rhythm is partially regulated by light exposure, so allow nature to set your sleep schedule to achieve more restful sleep organically. Using sunlight to dictate when you should wake up or hit the hay is a good way to help normalise your internal clock. 
  2. Exercise at the right times: There’s no need to go into detail about all the health benefits that regular exercise can promote and achieve. However, vigorous exercise too close to bedtime might have some adverse effects, such as hindering your ability to relax and settle down. Light yoga or stretching is ideal for your nightly wind down, but an intense pilates class might be a little too invigorating. To foster better sleep at night, exercise hard early in the day and focus on meditative, slow and relaxing practices in the evening.
  3. Limit caffeine intake: Consuming too much caffeine during the day can throw a wrench into your evening wind down, even if you haven’t had a cup of coffee in hours. Explore more sustainable ways to boost your energy, like our Cognitive Focus + Memory Support supplement, a nice morning jog, a high fibre breakfast or our Energy + Strength essential oil
  4. Treat your bed like a sacred space: When you mix business with pleasure, it can, unfortunately, disrupt your ability to fall asleep quickly and soundly. You may not consciously realise it, but we all naturally make mental associations with places and actions. It’s tempting to work from the comfort of your bed, but making it a habit can lead to difficulties later in the evening when you want to shut off the working part of your brain. Reserve your bed for sleep and keep your working life separate.
  5. Time your meals with intention: Eating shortly before bed can cause a myriad of sleep issues. Food and beverages with high glucose content can keep you up for longer than you planned, and if your body is busy digesting a meal, then it’s too busy to prepare for sleep. Keep timing in mind when you plan for your dinner. 




Written by:
Leah Wingenroth

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