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Sunday Edition #8 - A Taste of Summer

Our founder, Brendan Murdock, shares the sights, scenes, and sips he is excited about this summer.

It’s finally summer in London!  What are you enjoying in the city?

London certainly comes into its own over the summer. I've recently got a new bicycle and am loving cycling by the river, through the parks and taking in all the views.  I’ve been exploring various routes from Motcomb Street to Hyde Park and Marylebone. It’s breathtaking zipping over the bridge and past the Serpentine lake.

What are some of your favourite eateries in the city this season?

The choices in London for alfresco dining are quite special. Currently on my wish list is River Café for lunch, Brat’s at Climpson Arch and I love our new, local pub on Chiltern Street, The Flower House, for a cool pint of Guinness. 

Any destinations planned this summer?

I booked a week in Cap Ferret after seeing Marrion Cotillard in Little White Lies. I’ve always wanted to go, the beach shacks, unbelievable seafood, and the coolness of the Atlantic has always appealed to me. I’m particularly looking forward to visit La Maisson De Bassin, an old school and restaurant at the Cap. 

What will you be reading?

I’ve two books on my list. Firstly, The Lost Art of Convalescence by Dr. Gavin Frances, as it  illuminates the everyday miracle of recovery and stresses why we should make more time for it in our modern lives -  it’s something I’m really trying to pay attention to. 

Secondly, the new biography by Amy Odel, ANNA on Anna Wintour.

Any special summertime meal recommendations?

Summer is the time for seafood! Spaghetti vongole, shellfish, and freshly caught linefish - I’m hoping to get my own fill of seafood at Cap Ferret!  

How do you keep active in the warmer months?

I mentioned cycling before, but I also love a refreshing swim. Lately, I’ve been going to the pool on the rooftop of Shoreditch House. It’s right by my own place, so I feel very lucky to be able to go as often as I like, especially in this heat. I do think that we’re very privileged in London with all our green spaces -  I try to make the most of it by going for runs in the various parks.

You mentioned that you enjoy a good Guinness, any other refreshing aperitivos on the list?

My go-to is an Aperol Spritz in the late afternoon and a cool, deliciously sophisticated Negroni before dinner.

I really try to recharge while away, and so I find that a good night’s rest becomes very important to me.

Any travel hacks?

Sleep better! I really try to recharge while I'm away, so I find that a good night’s rest becomes very important to me. I always bring my anatomē sleep oils and I try to stay really hydrated, especially because I tend to drink a bit more than I usually do when I’m working. If it’s really hot, I use my anotomē Muscle Ease Oil to reduce redness and soothe abrasions, because it absorbs quickly it’s not sticky and a great way to relax with a massage.

Written by:
Katelijne Kotze

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