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All ingredients

All ingredients

How to Use

Before sleep, apply 1-2 drops on each suggested sensory point, massaging gently onto skin. For additional support, combine oil application with slow, deep breathing.

How to Use

Article: Sunday Edition #9 Charlotte Baverel from Fleurs D'Hiver

Sunday Edition #9 Charlotte Baverel from Fleurs D'Hiver - anatomē

Sunday Edition #9 Charlotte Baverel from Fleurs D'Hiver

Tell us your story, from growing up to your most exciting phase:

I grew up in France, in Paris’s south suburb. I started studying applied arts in high school, I used to draw a lot and loved experimenting with materials. Later, I pursued industrial design in Paris, Reims and Lausanne. While studying design at ECAL in Switzerland I learnt about wellbeing and alternative medicines. Through my fascination for holistic practices, I created useful, poetic and comforting products. On my journey, I met herbalists whose ethos spoke to me. They were dedicated to promoting the health benefits of local produce, primarily honey and plants, and combined these to reap the best rewards. It was then that Fleurs d’hiver was born!

Herbal teas that strive to be as beautiful as they are enriching. Teas that tell a story when you prepare and drink them.

What is your London? What is it about?

I live in East London, next to the canal and Victoria park. It’s a nice area where nature meets the city. I love wandering around, going to the food market, the flower market and discovering artists. Just getting inspired by the food, books and people you meet. 

What does your morning routine look like?

I can’t start the day without breakfast! I wake up and usually eat something sweet, then I take time to drink my tea  in the garden, catching the first rays of sun, observing just how tall my plants grew overnight.

I then jump in the shower and start my day with a ride to the studio.

Do you prefer coffee or tea when you wake up?

I’m a tea drinker, I love green tea. I recently discovered hojicha, a roasted green tea which is delicious. 

What do you do to motivate yourself or switch up energy throughout the day?

I always have a lot to do, so no time to lose motivation. I treat myself to a nice lunch in the middle of the day to recharge and get a proper break. I also like to nibble some biscuits in the afternoon.

With a demanding work life, how do you keep your focus?

I think exercising helps to keep a good balance and focus. I love yoga and running.

What does a relaxing evening look like for you?

For me, it’s an evening when I have time to cook something nice and go to bed early. 

What are you listening to at the moment? 


What are you reading at the moment?

Londres-Louxor from Jakuta Alikavazovic.

Where have you created your haven in your home?

My garden and house plants. It’s constantly changing, full of colors and smells.

Sleeping is one of our clientsmain goals. How do you sleep better?

Before going to bed, I always make myself a cup of herbal tea with a mix of plants that are available and easy to combine at that moment. It helps me to take some time to unwind and relax. Going to bed early with no phone helps too, as well as falling asleep with nice thoughts and a smile. 

What is your self-care routine?

I believe that it all starts with a night of good sleep, well-balanced food, and knowing how to indulge yourself. 

What are your 5 top tips for living well? 

  • Enjoy the moment
  • Dream
  • Bake
  • Walk in nature 
  • Spend time with people you love

What is your creative downtime like?

I’m an intuitive person, so I create a profusion of things and ideas and then organise and select with a rational mindset.

Where do you go to find space, or to be with yourself when youre not at


In the park, it’s a breathing space in the city. 

What is your mantra or philosophy to face lifes challenges?

I like to think of it as a new chapter, the beginning of new adventures, an opportunity.

What are your current, favourite floral combinations? 

Lavender & Lemon balm, for their calming and relaxing qualities. 

Do you have any tips for growing a city garden that is rich in diversity? 

Lots of plants are growing well in the city and lots of them like to be together. I love the idea of eating them! Like Nasturtium, Calendula or Cosmos... They offer beautiful colours and taste good in salads. Any aromatic plants are good to have, as they taste great freshly picked before serving.

How do you reconnect to nature?

I like hiking and swimming in the ocean.

A gift you’d love to receive, and one you’d love to give. 

I naturally give what I would like to receive, like a nice tea, well-being products with amazing smells or a lovely little lucky charm according to the person.

Your tea party essentials are… 

Fleurs d’hiver’s handmade sandstone ceramic bowls, flowers, cakes and good vibes. 

What are the next steps in fleurs d’hiver journey? What are your ambitions?

I would like to expand Fleurs d’hiver’s herbal tea ritual with singular teaware, edible products and well-being objects.  A whole collection of objects intended to create a relaxing space. That would also be an opportunity to share more knowledge about plants and bees.

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