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Sunday Edition #48: Rob Rea

Take a deep breath and get ready for our latest Sunday Edition with 'That Breath Guy'! We had the pleasure of chatting with Rob Rea, a leading breathwork expert who's on a mission to help people harness the power of their breath for better health and wellbeing. From reducing stress and anxiety to improving sleep and focus, Rob shares his insights and tips on how to breathe better and live better. 

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the creation of The Breath Guy and how your own wellness practices influenced your decision to create a sustainable brand?

I was inspired to explore breathwork through yoga and pranayama. I worked with coaches of surfers and free divers in the United States to understand how to train breath. This led me to experiential breathworks for deeper healing and self-exploration. During the lockdown, I put together some breathwork routines for friends curious about my practice.

Favorite wellbeing/movement studio?

 Honestly, I do most of my well-being / movement in my own living room.

"First thing in the morning I love to sit on my rug in the living room and do a slow (6s inhale, 6s exhale) nasal breath for up to 20 minutes."

I do a lot of my London workshops at Omnom Studio in Islington and so they definitely get a vote for me too, and I always have a soft spot for Yogahome, a community studio close to my home and heart where I hope to share some more breathwork and wellbeing sessions. 

What are your go-to tips for finding calm when experiencing stress?

To find calm during stress,

 Tune into your body by checking your stance, breathing, and tension. Use simple breathwork techniques to reduce stress levels immediately. Then focus on your senses to bring yourself back to the present moment. This takes only 30 seconds.”

What do you do to motivate yourself or to switch up energy throughout the day?

Breathwork brings awareness to moments of low motivation or energy. Knowing how to change it is key. Doing a breathwork session is a choice that has never resulted in regret. Aside from breathwork, I love walking and meeting friends for an energy boost."

How do you define wellbeing?

First, I see wellbeing as a multifaceted and dynamic state that requires ongoing attention and care. I think well-being encompasses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and everything these sub-categories involve. If we can create a sense of balance and harmony in all these areas, we develop resilience and flexibility in the face of change, challenge, and adversity. 


What are some small habits you practice that make a big difference? 

I focus on positive self-talk and remind myself to be kind. Daily movement, breathwork, and connecting with loved ones help too. I've started journaling again with pen and paper for its psychological benefits. 3 pages of stream of consciousness writing in the morning is a great exercise. Thanks so much for listening to me.  

Written by:
Anuujin Enur

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