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Sunday Edition #37: James Lentaigne

James Lentaigne is the Creative Director of luxury bathroom brand, Drummonds, who hosted the photoshoot of our brand new skincare range. In honor of the launch, we spoke to James about Drummonds, his wellbeing practices and regimes, and get some expert advice on how to approach to creating the most special haven.

Tell us more about Drummonds and what you offer?

We make timeless, classic bathroom products, designed to last a lifetime and which suit both period and contemporary settings.

We believe we are the very best at what we do, based in London, we have a strong design heritage, executed by a team of expert craftspeople.

Your official title is ‘Creative Director’ at Drummonds - what does this job entail?

I love to work on new ideas for products and projects, and also on key collaboration launches – which can often be years in the making. We just launched a collection with Marc Newson for example that took around 4 years to complete! 

 What sparked your creative interest in the brand?

I have always been fascinated by the mechanics of design.  Ever since I was a child playing with Lego, I developed a love for design and build. Drummonds in a way has married these two passions together.

What is your London? What is it about? 

My London is about my family. I am lucky to have 3 girls who keep us busy and tie up most of our time on weekends etc. But London is also about the good times – eating out, drinking with good friends, exploring new areas and enjoying the art scene. I’ve recently got really into Padel – it’s such a fantastic sport, which I wish people were more aware of.

How do you define wellbeing?

That’s a hard question to answer, but really, my sense of wellbeing is to make sure that you do things that benefit you, make you happy and are good for your body. And striking the right balance between just enough and not too much. This covers most things from a work life balance to exercise and partying! 

How do you find balance, what keeps you moving?

I am high energy, I don't stop moving and I have learnt over the years that to sustain that level of energy I have to keep pushing myself. It’s important for me to have a routine so that I keep a balance. I eat well, exercise well, try and sleep well but also balance this with enjoyment in life.

What do you do to motivate yourself, or to switch up energy throughout the day?

I think the main motivation at work is to keep moving Drummonds forward. We try and grow at a steady pace, it's a collaborative process without taking on too much too quickly.  That plus lots of caffeine!

What are some small habits you practice that make a big difference? 

I invest in good products, and I invest in good health practices.  I have some great supplements such as cod liver oil tablets, which could be either psychosomatic or genuinely beneficial, and I enjoy a Nutri-bullet smoothie for breakfast for half of the week.

Do you have any wellbeing/movement practices?

Nope, but I do live by my running routine - it seems to work well for me.

Do you have any advice for readers wanting to spruce up their bathrooms immediately?

You must consider your own lifestyle, how you live, what showering experience is important to you, the space, good light, warmth etc. All this is key to planning your refurbishment.

A great builder or plumber is key, but you must also plan the project and do as much research as you can. It amazes me that people don’t try and understand how products will work for them before they buy.

What sparks joy in your professional life?

We get to meet and work with interesting people and often help them at stages of change in their life. It is so rewarding.  

What’s your life’s philosophy or mantra? 

I’m afraid I don’t have one.

I try to be happy in life and have realised over time that only I can control this, so if I had to place something out there it would be to find out what makes you happy and go with that!

Do you have any favorite Drummonds products which really stick out in your mind?

Our freestanding showers are out of this world.

Sleep can greatly affect our mood and stress levels. What’s your ideal winding down routine to find peace and calm?

I’m enjoying the anatome sleep diffuser at present and also some oils which help create a lovely, calming atmosphere. If I can carve out enough time I love a bath filled with great salts – this is my ultimate wind-down practice. 

Something you’re looking forward to this weekend? 

A bath tonight!


Just visit the journal at  Drummonds and you will see some of the inspirational spaces James and his team have created.

Written by:
Emeric Fakambi

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