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Sunday Edition #34: Jo Jackson

We heard from Jo Jackson, owner and creative mind behind Marylebone's The Flowerhouse Pub. Jo tells us more about her quest to support women in hospitality, how she restores balance over the festive period and gives us the rundown on the famously instagrammable Flowerhouse Apartment.

You’re on a mission to support women in hospitality, how do you encourage this in your spaces?

Primarily it’s about creating a supportive environment for women to flourish behind the bar and in the kitchen, from starting out to management level - developing everything from cocktails to leadership skills. Our female-led team has been incredible this year. 

On a customer side - it was also about creating a pub where women could feel comfortable coming in on their own to enjoy a pint (or champagne) at the bar. 

More recently, you launched the Flowerhouse Apartment, tell us a bit more about the space?

We wanted to do something a bit different with the apartment above the pub - it’s such an incredible location we wanted more people to be able to see and enjoy it. We got some brand partners on board including Lick paint, Sonos and Patch plants and I curated the space with them to be the most instagrammable home. Each room is very different from the dining rooms to hallways and bedrooms. We invite start up female-led businesses to use the space for photoshoots, meetings and influencers. 

Creating a space to encourage sleep is something important to us both it seems, what are your tips for ensuring a good night's rest?

I spent years without a good nights sleep with my daughter growing up so I cherish a proper nights sleep! I always dim the lights and avoid bright lights way before getting into bed. A dark bedroom is a must  - or eye mask. I used to take some CBD at night but my husband bought be some Reset, Relax + Sleep capsules that I’m getting into now. 

How do you restore balance in the hectic festive period?

Escaping! Physically - or mentally by turning off my phone and spending time with my family. 

The FLOWERHOUSE is based in the beautiful Marylebone area, what spots do you frequent?

I was very lucky to grow up in this area so it really is home from home for me. Im biased but Chiltern st is the ultimate destination. I love the farmers market on the weekend and all the independent shops in the area. Some of the ones on Marylebone lane have been there since I was a little girl. 

Favourite place in London at Christmas time?

Fortnum and mason, and wondering around Bond Street with all the amazing Christmas windows 

Written by:
Emeric Fakambi

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