anatomē therapeutic essential oils

Therapeutic oils are extracted typically through the process of distillation and extracted from leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, peels and resins, retaining 100% of purity.  It produces highly concentrated oils that have a strong aroma. – aromatic, living and volatile particles.  

Before the 19th century perfume revolution, and delving into ancient times  therapy oils and botanical extracts where worn on the skin for their health benefits the naturally occurring exquisite scents to promote wellbeing. 

Each of the six anatome oils contain blends of up to x28 individual natural botanical extracts.  Each are dispensed in different concentrations to support aspects of an individual’s lifestyle.  Each oil in our 10ml and 30ml sizes are primarily applied to the key sensory points on the body and alternatively our 100ml oils can be diffused, added to the bath or steam-room, or dropped into a candle.

Deep thought has been given to the therapeutic grade and geographic origin of each ingredients and all are dispensed in concentrations to suit individual needs and packaged in bottles designed to complement the modern lifestyle.

These are oils not simply to 'use', but also to live with...