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Known for its fresh citrus scent and lemony flavour, lemongrass is popularly used in herbal tea blends, thanks to its invigorating scent, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-microbial properties. Also called Citronella, Lemongrass has been used for centuries as a folk remedy to relieve pain and support immunity.

At anatomē, we use lemongrass mostly in our tea blends, thanks to its delicious zingy flavour and its inherent benefits to the digestion, mood, and immunity.

In our Energy + Strength Loose Leaf lemongrass tea blend, the fresh, citrus flavour works to help focus the mind and keep the body alert.

In our Detox + Immune Support Loose Leaf lemongrass Tea blend, Lemongrass lends its antioxidant properties to support good cell health and combat free radicals.

Lemongrass is also beneficial to the skin, which is why we use it in Rejuvenating Himalayan Body Scrub as it helps to balance the skin’s natural oils and reduce blemishes, leaving skin feeling fresh, soft, and supple.

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