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Sage has long been used in traditional and folk medicine, thanks to its benefits to the brain and immune system. As well as a clean, refreshing, zingy scent, sage oil also boasts over 160 distinct polyphenols, which are plant-based compounds that act as antioxidants in the body, providing a wealth of health benefits. As well as its medicinal uses, sage is also used across the globe in spiritual environments, thanks to its cleansing properties and strengthening fragrance.

Sage’s natural antiseptic properties and calming aroma help to create a protective personal space, which is why it is featured in our Support + Protection Essential Oil Blend. It’s immune system supporting properties make it a powerful natural ingredient for warding off illness and strengthening the body’s natural defences.

In our Relax + Sleep Bath Salts, Sage oil supports relaxation thanks to its abilities to focus the mind and sooth the skin, creating a peaceful and immune supporting environment for a tranquil bathing experience.

Written by:
Anatome App

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