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5 tips to help you stay cool this summer

With the joy of the summer sunshine comes uncomfortable nights spent tossing and turning in bed. If your sleep is being interrupted by hot flashes and warm sheets, keep reading to learn anatomē’s top tips for staying cool this summer. 

  • Turn off your electronics: Phones, laptops, televisions, and chargers tend to heat up when they’re on for long periods. Ditch the TV show before bed and turn your phone off to help keep your room cooler. It will help your mind relax and destress, too!
  • Reassess your fabrics: Though silk sheets might feel great on the skin, cotton is a much more breathable fabric that can aid in regulating your body temperature at night. Try integrating some cotton into your summer wardrobe to stay cooler during the day as well. 
  • Cool your pulse points: Our pulse points, like our wrists, feet, ankles and neck, are the spots in our body where our blood vessels are closest to the surface of the skin. To cool down quickly, try these spots first – rub cooling gel, cold water or even ice cubes on your pulse points for some fast relief from the heat. 
  • Time your workouts: Exercising too close to bedtime and hopping under a quilt can lead to all-night discomfort because your body doesn’t have the time or energy to bring down its internal temperature. Shoot for cooler times during the day to do your workouts, and maybe top off your run or yoga session with a cold shower. 
  • Cold water bathing: Bathing or showering in colder water is a great way to cool your whole body down, relieve tension in your muscles and clear your mind. Products with ingredients like lavender, chamomile, frankincense, sea salt and magnesium will make you feel clean, cool and ready to rest. Pair your cold water bath with our Invigorating Body Wash and Relax + Sleep Bath Salts that are packed with optimal ingredients to cool down and wind down. 

Written by:
Leah Wingenroth

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