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Retreat of the Week: Silver Island Yoga

Retreat of the Week: Silver Island Yoga
We have been researching the ultimate yoga destinations and Silver Island Yoga perhaps tops the list as one of the finest in Europe. Located on a private island in Greece, this is the great escape for self-care, relaxation and time-away.

Lissa and Claire Christie have opened their doors for you to enjoy a rejuvenating experience. The Greek-South African sisters know the importance of having a space to practice self-care. Lissa was the former artistic producer for Bestival and Claire, who helps run the hotel from her home in South Africa, previously worked with Mother Teresa in India.

With their combined talents, the sisters, alongside Lissa’s husband Corne and Ernest the caretaker, have transformed their family island into a home away from home but with all the comforts of a hotel for you.

What is truly unbelievable about this retreat is that it is a few miles away from the mainland on a tranquil and privately owned island. This will be your perfect opportunity to disconnect and de-stress in a secluded environment.

Throughout April to October, changing week to week, carefully selected yoga teachers host their practice for the retreaters. From healing to creative to silent yoga classes, enjoy sunrise and sunset flows overlooking the Mediterranean. 

Where you'd stay:

Ditch crammed hotels for an intimate and traditional residence. There is only room for 10 guests so you will be able to listen to the sea lapping against the shoreline instead of noisy neighbours.

For your stay you can choose between two warm and relaxing accommodations. The Main house is a 19th century classic Grecian home with a warm and cosy feel. The contemporary Villa has rooms with unobstructed sea views, including a private terrace for the top bedroom. Both abodes are low-key luxurious. Adorned with white walls and blue window shutters, the rooms are spacious and decorated in rustic accessories. You can feel Lissa’s artistic style embedded in the interiors. 

It is a no-WiFi dwelling so you will not wake up to a demanding abundance of emails. You have a chance to disconnect from your hectic lifestyle and reconnect to what is important.

In fact, you won’t need to bring your laptop or any electronic devices because there is limited electricity in the hotel. Silver Island is completely off grid. It runs on solar power and implements grey-water recycling. They are proud to be an eco-friendly retreat experience.



What we love:  

They encourage you to pack lightly and take advantage of their complementary and eco-friendly products. The hotel’s toiletries are made locally by Lavelia. They contain natural and pure ingredients, packed with herbs and essential oils which are not only moisturising but have antioxidant and antiseptic properties too.

They provide 100% cotton towels and bedding, as well as non-toxic mosquito repellent. They offer an eco-retreat experience as they enforce a variety of non-harmful, natural and energy-efficient practices. Their green custom is what makes Silver Island Yoga one of our favourites.



What does a daily routine look like?

Start your morning off watching the Mediterranean sunrise with an outdoor yoga practice. Then enjoy a locally sourced and organic Greek breakfast surrounded by rural and sea views. You will probably choose Corne’s famous bananas pancakes or Lissa’s signature granola most mornings!

After breakfast is free time, so spend your day doing whatever you fancy. If you have a boost of energy you can indulge in kayaking or snorkeling around your new residence. Pay a visit to meet the island’s dolphin and seal neighbours! On land, you have 60 acres to explore. It is an idyllic space to meditate or take time to read that book you’ve wanted to finish. An art cupboard is also provided so if you feel inspired this is a great chance to express yourself.

This isn’t an action packed holiday as the focus is on relaxation. They advise you to “find your own pace to enjoy the activities”.

Lunch consists of a seasonal and nutritious meal. A favourite of many guests is the quinoa, beetroot, fig syrup and parmesan salad. The island’s meals are so popular they made a cookbook containing their much-loved tasty dishes. All meals on the retreat are Mediterranean inspired and vegetarian, but they can cater to your special dietary requirements.

For the late afternoon yoga practice, it is a slower and more reflective class. To finish the day, experience dinner with a glass of wine under the starry sky and get to know your fellow guests. Spend the rest of your evening getting ready for a slumber before your next day of relaxation.




Outside school holiday breaks you can find return flights from London to Athens from £60.

As the retreat starts on Sunday and finishing on Saturday, arrive at Athens International Airport on Sunday morning then it’s a three to four hours journey to Oreoi. There is an option for private transfers or a €23 bus and ferry ride to the Oreoi from the airport.

Prices for an all-inclusive stay and yoga practice range from £1,150 (€1,300) per person and per week.

The take-away

Greece is known for its myths and magic. On this retreat you can leave your problems offshore and encounter the relaxation in the midst of the Aegean Sea. You can spend a week in other popular and busy Greek destinations. However, you will probably come back home feeling as if you need another holiday after your holiday.

The minds behind Silver Island Yoga proclaim a week with them encourages mindfulness and positivity which all aids to “quiet the mind so you can focus your energy where you want it to go”.


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