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How Essential Oils Can Help with Post-Workout Recovery

After a long and strenuous workout, you are bound to have some sore and aching muscles that need relieving. Although stretching, foam-rolling and general rest can help with post-workout recovery, sometimes we need a little something extra that can help speed up our recovery process. Essential oils can help, providing us with a natural alternative to painkillers and an alternative way that we can help to ease our aches and pains post-workout.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, and they’re packed with pain-relieving properties that can also help to improve circulation, ease swelling, reduce inflammation and much more; providing us with quick relief for our post-workout aches and pains. We want to discuss how essential oils can help with post-workout recovery, and help you to recover fast and better from your workouts. 

Soothe Sore Muscles

We tend to experience sore and aching muscles after working out which is completely normal, but can be painful to endure. Muscle soreness occurs because our muscles and connective tissues get damaged during exercise as they’re exposed to stress, and then they build back up even stronger once you recover. As well as taking the time to rest, have a hot bath, and stretching, essential oils can also help with our sore and achy muscles.

There are many essential oils which can help with soothing sore muscles, including Lavender, which provides us with soothing relief and can decrease discomfort and swelling in our muscles. Peppermint oil also has a great effect on helping sore muscles, as it contains Menthol which provides cooling relief to our muscles. Lemon is also excellent for soothing sore muscles,and can help to decrease discomfort and swelling. 

Improve Blood Circulation

One way that we can help ourselves to recover quicker from those tough workouts is by improving our blood circulation. Poor blood circulation slows down our body's natural healing process, making it harder for us to recover and bounce back after exercise. Good blood circulation will allow you to recover faster, be less sore, and experience less cramping, stiffness and pain.

Many essential oils can help to improve our blood circulation, one of which being Geranium which enhances our blood circulation and helps with the regeneration of new cells. Rosemary is also excellent for improving blood circulation, and stimulating our blood flow around our body as well as having many anti-inflammatory compounds.

Lower Inflammation 

Exercise leads to our muscles experiencing trauma, which induces a greater inflammatory response in our body. This causes our muscles to break down, before then rebuilding them to become stronger and fitter. Muscle inflammation can make us feel sore and achy after a workout, and it will go away over time with rest and recovery. However, you can aid the process of lowering inflammation by implementing essential oils.

Eucalyptus is a fantastic anti-inflammatory essential oil, providing relief to our muscles and helping to aid with lowering inflammation. Sea moss is also excellent for lowering inflammation, helping to promote recovery and reducing muscle soreness. Another excellent essential oil for muscle soreness is Camphor, which helps to lower inflammation and increase blood circulation.

Recover Faster and Better with our Essential Oil Blends at anatomē  

We have a carefully formulated range of essential oil blends to choose from that can help you with post-workout recovery, and get you feeling your best again in no time. We know how important it is to recover well after your workouts, which is why we have formulated our careful blends of essential oils that work with your body to support and help you heal. 

Our Support + Protection Essential Oil, contains Peppermint, Sicilian Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary that all help with soothing sore muscles and relieving aches and pains. The Energy + Strength Essential Oil contains Camphor, May Chang, Viet Plai, and Geranium which help to relieve inflammation and heal sore muscles and joints. 

As well as these two essential oils, we have many more essential oils that help aid post-workout recovery including the Balance + Stability Essential Oil, Expression + Confidence Essential Oil, and Recovery + Sleep Essential Oil.

Want to Aid Your Recovery with Essential Oils?

All of our essential oil blends have been specially distilled to support you and your body and formulated to provide solutions to your specific concerns, whether that be post-workout recovery, lack of sleep, low energy, concentration difficulties, and more. 

Our experts have worked carefully to select the highest quality ingredients from around the globe, to ensure highly concentrated, aromatic botanicals that can actively support your lifestyle. Our essential oils are filled with ingredients that will help to reduce inflammation, help sore joints, heal aching muscles and reduce pain.

If you’d like to recover faster and better from your workouts, why not browse our range of essential oils at anatomē?

Written by:
Garrett Looney

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