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Meet Winder Ton, in-house nutritionist and sleep expert

Our head nutritionist Winder is full of incredible knowledge and is one of the best people we know, but we realised this week that we’ve never properly introduced him! So here goes...

Winder grew up in the countryside of Brazil on his parent’s farm. His family always enjoyed great food, cooking and healthy eating. They ate freshly picked fruits, veggies and meat from the farm which made him passionate about food and health. He told us that occasionally opossums would just wander into bedrooms at night if you left the windows open and if you don’t do anything, they head out on their own. He told us this story and all of us were agape, but he was incredibly nonchalant about it. 

Winder has a deep love for people and their health, so he studied Nutrition and Dietetics at Universidade Federal de Viçosa in Brazil where he received a first class BSc MSc degree. After working in academia for a couple of years, he moved to London and joined anatomē, where he started to specialise in Sleep Science. He dove deeper into that and is now an official Sleep Science Coach and uses his knowledge to help people with a holistic approach.

We asked him a few questions to learn more about his life now:

What have been the most common questions/areas you have been asked to support people in during the past 12 months?

I think the most common questions are how to sleep better, how to decrease anxiety and how to eat healthy. 

What have you learnt the most/what will you take away from the past 12 months?

I've learned how to focus better on my goals and myself. As a Gemini, the social noise was quite loud in my life. So when this was taken away from me, I could find peace, solitude and was able to focus better on myself. 

What is your morning routine?

I wake up, wash my face, then I turn my music on and I brew my Brazilian coffee. I like to take time to eat my breakfast and enjoy my morning slowly before the rush of the day begins.

How often do you exercise? Tell us some more about your exercise routine. 

I aim to exercise 4-5 times weekly. Right now, I'm back to running with my local running group at London Fields and I also do some online training at home.

How do you relax? 

I love music, so I’m always listening to songs or singing. I play instruments, which tends to chase away all my worries. There's a popular saying in Brazil that says "those who sing cast their ill omens away," and it's totally true, music is incredibly healing.

What is the last book that you read? 

21 Lessons for the 21th Century. 

Where do you go to find space and feel open?

To my friends. I always seem to gather the most amazing people around me. 

What are your self-care routines? 

Running at the park, good skincare and great perfumes! Scents can completely transform your mood, so whenever I’m feeling down or need a little care, I always turn to scent.  

What are your 5 top tips for living well?  

Mindful exercise, healthy eating, self awareness, kindness and a great group of people around you.

Tell us about your sleep routine.

I love to start my sleep routine with a warm shower followed by a sleep oil, then I usually scent my room with a candle, especially because I find the light from the flame to be so calming. When I'm stressed and overtired, I love applying the Chamomile or Frankincense anatomē oil on my body.

What activities do you do to support your mental wellbeing? 

Running, music, writing and painting. 

What is your go-to meal to cook for friends? 

A good Brazilian feijoada. It's a black bean stew that is unforgettable! 

Who in life has inspired you the most? 

My family above all. I like to learn from people around me, so they’ve all inspired me in different ways. My mom is the kindest person I've met, my father is brave and fearless, my older sister is very resilient and my middle sister is so protective. They’ve each taught me their own ways and I'm constantly inspired by them.

If you have any more questions for Winder about your health, his life, or anything else, please reach out! He would love to hear from you at  You can also book an appointment with him to discuss your wellbeing needs here.

Written by:
Stevie Deale

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