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Bespoke London sleep appointments


In close consultation with our in-house aromachologist and with London-based sleep disorder scientists, we have created the 'Anatome Sleep Map,' a brief 6-minute consultation during which we find out more about the nature of your sleep.

We don't bombard you a questionnaire, rather we ask you to respond emotionally to forms, colours, sounds and textures – all of which we have developed to help us understand the way you sleep. 
Key scents like Frankincense, Chamomile and Seaweed are explored with you, to determine how your own body reacts to each. Each of these scents in turn maps on to a colour and through a combination of your personal response to scent and colour, we build up a picture of how your body and mind work when it comes to sleep.
We also find out about your sleeping routine and environment and how these contribute to your sleeping. By accumulating information about your feelings about sleep and the way you sleep now, we can help you to sleep better in the future.
Essential oil sleep products
At the end of the consultation, your sleep analyst provides you with a brief report explaining the outcome of the consultation, which includes a recommendation for a bespoke 'Recovery + Sleep' oil which responds to your needs.
We also provide recommendations about lifestyle, rituals, nutrition and the use of your oil. Each consultation produces a unique plan of action which addresses your own sleeping needs.