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Bonsai Tree

Fiscus Bonsai Tree, the most popular indoor Bonsai, belongs to the family of mulberry plants (Moraceae) and is most recognized for its s-curved trunk and oval, dark green leaves, the Bonsai is 7 years old.

The Fiscus Bonsai is a tropical plant that is grown throughout south-east Asia. This plant is tolerant to low humidity and is easily cared for requiring little attention.

Directions of use:

The Fiscus Bonsai Tree is best placed in warm temperatures and requires plenty of sunlight. Generous watering when the soil become dry will ensure the Fiscus Bonsai Tree remains healthy. Daily misting is advised to maintain humidity is advised. Fertilize weekly using liquid fertilizers or organic fertilizer tablets.


Height: 20-20cm; Width: 15-20cm

Estimated Delivery Time: 5-12 Working Days


The image is a representation of the plant that you will receive, it is not the actual plant so will vary according to growth and density.

This plant is priced without the white plant pot, If you would like a plain white ceramic plant pot please choose this option at checkout.

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