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All ingredients

All ingredients

How to Use

Before sleep, apply 1-2 drops on each suggested sensory point, massaging gently onto skin. For additional support, combine oil application with slow, deep breathing.

How to Use

Insights #6: The Science of Festivities - anatomē

Insights #6: The Science of Festivities

Insights #6: The Science of Festivities - anatomē

Insights #6: The Science of Festivities

As we step into the embrace of the festive season, let’s explore the significance of being present, forging connections, and dedicating time to those we love. 1. The Neurochemistry of Connection: S...

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Insights #5: The Importance of Supplements - anatomē

Insights #5: The Importance of Supplements

Supplements play a crucial role in the pursuit of wellbeing by providing targeted nutritional support. They address specific needs, ensuring your body has the essential building blocks for peak per...

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Sunday Edition #69: Christmas Gifts? Think about it... - anatomē

Sunday Edition #69: Christmas Gifts? Think about it...

A Quick Guide to Ditching the Drudgery Christmas gifting, that enchanting annual ritual, has a certain ironic twist to it. Picture it: campy decorations strewn about town, a frenzy of shoppers in a...

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Insights #4: The Power of Candlelight for your Circadian Rhythm - anatomē

Insights #4: The Power of Candlelight for your Circadian Rhythm

Respecting one’s circadian rhythm is something we talk about a lot here at anatomē. It’s your body’s internal clock, cycling from alertness to sleepiness, a shift of hormones throughout the day and...

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Sunday Edition #68: Paul Beavis - anatomē

Sunday Edition #68: Paul Beavis

As we head into the holidays, many of us might be expecting indulgent celebrations that inevitably deliver a heavy head the next morning. If you’re looking for a way to toast with flair and wake up...

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Insights #3: Wellbeing through the Holidays - anatomē

Insights #3: Wellbeing through the Holidays

Life is all about balance. Sometimes, that means allowing yourself a little indulgence.  In this edition of anatomē Insights, Brendan shares his recommendations on how to approach health + wellness...

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Sunday Edition #67: Jessica Last - anatomē

Sunday Edition #67: Jessica Last

Following our Insights segment last week on friluftsliv (the concept of connecting with nature regardless of the weather), this Sunday Edition features the perfect guest to expand on this theme.  J...

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anatomē Insights #2: Friluftsliv (‘Free-air-life’) - anatomē

anatomē Insights #2: Friluftsliv (‘Free-air-life’)

As the days get shorter and colder, we might have an inclination to run into the cosy embrace of the indoors. But the Scandinavians have a different idea, and it might be key to maintaining our men...

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Sunday Edition #66: Mattia Guarnera-MacCarthy - anatomē

Sunday Edition #66: Mattia Guarnera-MacCarthy

Today marks the close of London Frieze Week, the internationally renowned art fair now celebrating its 20th anniversary. We had the good fortune of chatting with one of the fair’s most captivating ...

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anatomē Insights #1: The Gut-Brain Connection - anatomē

anatomē Insights #1: The Gut-Brain Connection

I think it’s reasonably common knowledge that how we feel emotionally can affect our gut— we know stress can cause ulcers, and anxiety can kill your appetite (or lead you to binge). But something I...

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